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 The Frozen Covenant FAQ

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PostSubject: The Frozen Covenant FAQ   Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:05 pm

The Frozen Covenant FAQ

What are we?
"The Frozen Covenant" is an established Cult Role-Playing Guild based on the realm: Defias Brotherhood. Our RP is inspired and driven by the lore revolving around the "Cult of the Damned"; the willing living servants of the original Scourge led by Ner'Zhul/Arthas, following the philosophy taught by the Cult's founder, Kel'thuzad.
With most of the Scourge faction being under the sway of the new Lich King Bolvar Fordragon, the remnant sub-faction yet loyal to the original Scourge led by Ner'Zhul/Arthas is dominated by the Cult of the Damned, with their main base of operations being in Lordaeron. We embody one branch out of that Cult.

What do we offer?
What our role-play offers includes but is not limited to:

1) A Dark Philosophy: during our time, we have adapted what we know from the lore regarding the philosophy the Cult follows, built upon it, and implemented it into our role-play. Thus we offer a set of grim, twisted but yet self-righteous doctrines and ideals that would allow for a grey atmosphere to RP within, and thus provide internal and external conflicts for characters as they develop within our way of existence.

2) The Dark Magical Arts: a prominent theme of the Cult is the dark, horrific magic it studies and delves into. We attempt to teach and implement such amoral magical practices and study, from which RP both casual and planned can be generated. We attempt to offer this theme in a very grim, serious and realistic manner; taking into consideration the complexity of magic, and the effects/consequences it would provide.

3) Evil vs. Goodness: being a Cult with malicious intent, we would certainly offer conflict against those whom would oppose our cause. Whether it is an all-out battle, corruption of individuals to sway into our fold, or subterfuge and sabotage - you can rest assured that you will have your share amount of evil acts to commit.

4) Cultism: one of the most important aspects we try to offer is the "cultist life"; that your character leads two lives that conflict with each other. ICly, we are individuals whom simply sought the philosophy the Cult of the Damned offered, and thus, we retain our previous lives - disguising ourselves as normal citizens, and spending our IC days normally among others while having a secret agenda and following a certain dark philosophy.
This element I cannot stress enough, because if you are joining merely to sign up for events, you will not get as much out of us as you had hoped. There will be much events and RP provided by the guild, but what must be understood is that the guild serves as a premise for inspirational influence and guidance in this lurid aspect of your character's life; affecting him/her and giving reasons for further development while the character continues spending his/her own existence.
In the end, your character is living his/her own life and thus you will be encouraged to RP with others with your "discrete" demeanor; the guild ICly acts as a source of development, where we would try to steer you in the direction of our mentality and provide you with more RP.

One of our goals is to house self-sufficient, sustainable cultists whom would add to the community and RP for the sake of their character's story and RP, and not just a means to an evil end.

Is there a certain atmosphere we would expect from the Covenant?
Yes, a grim and grey atmosphere. Please bare in mind what we RP; a self-righteous Cult which revels in immortality through undeath, and thus strives for the powers promised through committing horrible acts. So expect the way things ICly are inducted to be amoral, strict and very grim. If you can not handle your character being treated violently and horrendously for going against the philosophy of a death cult, then this guild is unfortunately not for you.

How does the Covenant interact with dramatic RP possibilities including other RPers?
We would welcome any RP we could have with anyone, though we would ask that people respect what we RP as we would respect their RP - if someone wants to infiltrate our cult for example, sure, we'd be very interested! But one must understand that there are consequences with interacting with villains - if the infiltrating person is caught for example, then it is most likely that we would try to kill him/her.
With that said, we ourselves expect our members to acknowledge that RPing a villain has consequences of its own and thus if they are lead to a situation that has severe consequences, we expect our members to accept them. We try to maintain a standard of IC progression and thus we go along with whatever ICly occurs.

What type of view does "The Frozen Covenant" hold on other factions that are not Horde or Alliance?
Being a branch of the Cult of the Damned, we always uphold an undaunted loyalty to our own organization and its Master (which could very well be reflected as being zealous). However, the Cult is devious and prides itself with subterfuge and espionage. And as such, they know the value of "allies" to achieve goals efficiently and thus are willing to work alongside others to achieve mutual interests.
However, any whom choose to seek a partnership alongside the Cult should present their case well while knowing that they do so at their own risk; consequences can arise ICly for partnering with a devious death cult (and we acknowledge that similar IC consequences could arise for ourselves if we would partner with suspicious individuals or groups).

Excluding disguises, does the Covenant follow a dressing code?
Not entirely. Unity is a important factor amidst organizations such as a Cult. As such, one of our aims is to present this unity, and one way is in the display of matching dark garments that would cause our cult to appear more authentic. As such, RP uniforms will be provided. However, we would only request our members to wear the uniforms we would provide at certain events such as a official gathering. Thus the rule is not fully enforced, and members are free to wear valid IC RP gear as they please any other time.

How do we look on PvP?
Being on an RP-PvP realm we always have a soft spot for Battlegrounds, Arenas and RP-PvP in general.

General rules

IC and OOC:
In the chat channels you can talk about game related topics; our guild chat is OOC but say and yells are always IC.
When you wish to speak OOC things either whisper or use a channel, as guildchat.

Our guild is a full RP Guild, which means when we are role playing our characters they are using a proper language. Of course you don't have to speak in medieval English but remember not to use modern words. As an example, if you say that someone is gay, it doesn't mean they are homosexual, it means they are happy since the world gay meant that earlier.

You should speak in this way:
Greetings my friend, how are you today ?

You should not speak in this way:
Yo waz up ?

While our guildchat is OOC everyone must use a proper language; no l33t talk or such is allowed, never harass, abuse or in other ways pick on other members. Let any councilor know the issue and they will solve it.

Knowing your Lore:
As you would be part of a serious RP guild, you are expected to have a decent background knowledge regarding what you would be RPing about: which is basically the lore associated your own characterization, along with the lore associated with our guild concept.
You can take your time with your reading, and we are always willing to help! But it is expected that you eventually would follow through with this rule.

Metagaming is forbidden and means that you use things you know OOCly for IC purposes. As an example, you don't know any characters name since your character doesn't see any names above the heads, so if you wish to know a characters name then you will have to ask him or her.

If you wish to describe an emotion, do not use smileys IC, instead use the /e command (you can of course use the in-game emotions).

Corpsecamping is strictly forbidden within "The Frozen Covenant", this means that after you have killed your enemy once you shall let him/her be able to escape and not wait by the corpse to slay the player again. Also avoid ganking lower-level players if they do not turn aggressive or if you do not have any good RP reasons to kill them

God-emoting/Power-emoting is forbidden, and it means you use emotes to strangle the RP; an act of forcing the result of one's actions on another character, typically without the other player's consent and not giving the other character a chance to do anything about the emote. An example is:

This is what you should do:
Maelmoor attempts to throw a rock against Jennahs head.

This is how you should NOT do:
Maelmoor smashed a stone on Jennahs head so she dies.

Thus by including an "attempt" in your emote, you cause the RP to be fair and allow the other side to react rather than enforce an action on him.

God-emoting/Power-emoting also includes your character being unrealistically immune to consequences in scenarios where your character would rather be susceptible to them - such as never taking a single hit within a battle, or unrealistically not being affected by a rather logical consequence, or even being unrealistically strong/defensive such as never tiring.
Other examples of god-emoting/power-emoting is to walk through locked doors, escape a circle of twenty persons and so on.

Being balanced, logical, humble and fair is quite important in RP, and expected within "The Frozen Covenant".

Good luck and remember you can always ask me or other guild members for more help...but remember to ask OOCly.

The IC Ranking System and Hierarchy

Ranking up amidst the Covenant:

If one is active, it is but a matter of time to rank up within the Covenant and settling at a prominent role within the second tier. However, it does take IC effort and devotion to stand out amidst the Cult, in addition to being active.
With that said, we want the journey to be fun and enthralling - there are no limitations which would hinder one's RP based on rank, and thus even if ranking up takes time, it is our intent to make it as fun and interesting as possible; from providing conflict that would challenge your character, to your character rising up and trying to earn his place amidst the Cult.

The Hierarchy of our Cult is divided into three tiers, with each respective tier being higher than the first:

The 1st Tier - Adherents:

Quote :
Your old lives, your mortal desires, mean nothing. You are acolytes of the master now, and you will serve the cause without question! The greatest glory is to die in the master's service!
- Grand Widow Faerlina

This is the stepping stone of any new initiate. You will be taught extensively of the Cult's philosophy and doctrines, and be told to hold it high above all else; it will become your creed. As you learn what it means to be disciple of Kel'thuzad, you will begin your practices in the dark magical arts to gain a well-founded knowledge in the tools you would require to further our cause.

This tier is split into two ranks - Acolytes and Dark Adepts.

The 2nd Tier - Fanatics:

Quote :
You have found your way here, because you are among the few gifted with true vision in a world cursed with blindness.
You can see through the fog that hangs over this world like a shroud, and grasp where true power lies.
Fix your eyes upon your crude hands: the sinew, the soft meat, the dark blood coursing within.
It is a weakness; a crippling flaw.... A joke played by the Creators upon their own creations.
The sooner you come to accept your condition as a defect, the sooner you will find yourselves in a position to transcend it.
Through our Master, all things are possible. His power is without limit, and his will unbending.
Those who oppose him will be destroyed utterly, and those who serve -- who serve wholly, unquestioningly, with utter devotion of mind and soul -- elevated to heights beyond your ken.
- Lady Deathwhisper

You have proven your proficiency in the dark arts; you have displayed your undaunted adherence and devotion to the Master and His philosophy - now is the time for you to choose the manner of servitude in which you can rise to your utmost potential, and fulfill the Master's will in your new exalted role. It is this very choice that will shape your destiny within the Cult.

The roles that can be chosen are as follows, where each is equal in ranking to the other:

Necromancer - death is power, and Necromancers indulge upon this power to no restraint. Preaching their ideals and the will of their Master zealously, Necromancers twist their knowledge of the arcane to raise legions of undead to bolster their forces, channel unholy energies to "heal" their allies, or rain doom upon their enemies through vile dark magic - only to dominate in the name of the Cult.

Blightweaver - nothing is as certain as death, and it is this very certainty that Blightweavers exploit at their behest. Agile, deceptive and lethal - these insidious men and women are responsible for the dispatching of the poisonous, festering diseases and plagues which terrorizes the living and shatters their foundation. As assassins, they work together with their comrades to brew the vile tools which ensures that death is delivered in the most horrendous form before they slip past enemy lines and plant them.

Darkcaster - exploiting their vast knowledge of Shadow Magic, these dark magi draw upon their power to inflict harmful pain upon the Cult's enemies; mental or physical. They are the shadowy inquisitors of the Cult, channelling their magic to mete out the Cult's agenda in whatever means they could; from manipulation to torture and direct confrontations.

Blackguard - individuality is a flaw of nature, and it is for this reason that the Blackguards exist: to ensure that everything runs in accordance to the Master's will. These physical enforcers preserve the rightful order of things, where any potential threat within and outside of the Cult is dealt with mercilessly. Applying whatever little knowledge of dark magic they retain, they would power their strikes and aid their allies to whatever end until fully ascending into what every other cultist desires; immortality.

Death Knight - N/A; recruitment of Death Knights is closed until further notice.

The 3rd Tier - Officers:

This last tier consists of the officers whom will be in charge of planning events and steering the direction of the guild. ICly, they are the officials of the Covenant - tutoring others in dark magic, lecturing them of the Cult's philosophy and delegating important tasks and aims to be accomplished. Leading and regulating this branch of the Cult, they are the Overseers:

Overseer - veterans amidst the Cult, these individuals have earned the experience and right to guide and mentor other cultists; passing down the Cult's philosophy and dark knowledge. Further conscription of mortal members, expansion of the Cult's sphere of control and the spread of the will of the Scourge and its divine Master - these Overseers ensure that the Cult progresses in the direction it is intended to.

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The Frozen Covenant FAQ
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