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 The Scourge Commander's Speech

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PostSubject: The Scourge Commander's Speech   Fri May 27, 2011 3:51 pm

As the guild discussed, we said that perhaps it would be cool to post some IC developement, events, speechs etc that happen ingame. I took the liberty of starting, and posting the speech I usually use when I first talk with my Death Knights (though here it is kind of longer ). I copy pasted it from the post I made on a different forum. Hope you enjoy
Here goes:


Brothers and sisters....
You stand here today with doubt within you.....believing that in this age, the vast empire you knew is nothing but a shell of its former self.....

But do you really think that the Master's work will be so easily undone? That we will get on our knees to these pathetic mortals, and beg for forgiveness? To seek redemption? Do you not see the fear in their their souls shivers at the thought of the Master's era.....of his return......
That fear still exists......for we are here....the disciples of the Prince of Darkness.... For his shadow looms over us. In his aura we bask as the sceptors of death we are...

These light fanatics....they are bound by laws, ethics, virtues......segments of their pathetic mortal shells... We are bound by NOTHING but his will! NOTHING will prevent us from unleashing his wrath! We will tear down any barrier placed upon us! We will cut a sway path of destruction as the forces of havoc and chaos we are! Corruption and decay will swarm this world, and as these mortals succumb to the frozen chill of despair, the shadow of death itself will envelope them. Their cries of anguish and suffering will quench our thirst....our thirst for such a fragile thing called "humanity".

The Black dawn approaches.....and with it rides their oblivion.......with it rides the demeanor of obliteration....with it rides the Dark Brotherhood...

As they tumble and burn with torment, as they take their dying breath, as they realize the fututility of a thing such as life.... They will feel it closing in....pulling them in...ripping their souls into shreds...Their faith will be broken, their hope will vanish....they will realize that his inevatible wrath yet remains....that the outcome of their arrogance is undeath....

Thus, they will fall on their knees....they will beg for mercy! They will beg for the riddance of the strife and torture that condemns them. The relentless agony will embark upon their souls, bringing forth their annihilation. They will see their undoing, they will see the avatar of death possesing their hearts, tormenting them, causing them to relinquish their lifes to this divine entity that surrounds them.... But know that it is only an illusion, a perceptive agenda upon their minds. For the cause of their bane, the cause of their carnage, the cause of their devastation is nothing, but the wrath of The Army of the Damned.....

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The Scourge Commander's Speech
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