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 Gnomeregan, the Sunday event

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PostSubject: Gnomeregan, the Sunday event   Fri May 27, 2011 3:50 pm

It was cold and chilled in Khaz Modan, but the small Gnome Death Knight Dyone, didn’t really noticed it. She was on the lookout for her fellow knights to join her on the mission, to invade Gnomeregan, and retrieve some of the plans they are looking for. She thought about the words her master had said, this mission mustn’t fail…and no one should get harmed, in any way possible. Death of her partners, means failure, and she mustn’t fail her superiors. Lost in thought, she didn’t hear the Worgen come. “Good day, Dyone” the Worgen said, and Dyone looked behind her and saw a Death Knight worgen, dressed in a robe, she laughed and said; “Glaciera, welcome…i hope you will not stay that way all the time” she pointed at the robe, and Glaciera, swiftly changed to his human form. “That looks much better” Dyone said, smiling to the Young man who was standing in front of her. “Yeah yeah” Glaciera said; “Where are the others?”. Dyone looked arround, and said; “They should arrive any minute now”. She looked around and saw a familiar face in the distance. Barunita, the Shaman Draenei, followed by a man she didn’t recognize. Glaciera and Dyone waited patiently, while the two newcomers came slowly walking to them. “Hey Dyone”, Barunita said, when she had reached the two. Dyone welcomed her with a smile on her face, ”Who’s your friend?” . Barunita looked to the man, while he introduced himself: “The name is Maximus, Maximus Valius, This little sweetcheeks here, asked me, if I wanted to join some fella’s of her, for a quest or some sort. The pretty lady managed I could salvage everything I want.” Dyone looked at the man, back to Barunita, wondered if this was really such a good idea. She shaked of that idea real quick, smiled to the man, and said:”O richty then, But you can’t salvage everything you want… There are some special things in there, whom we need to achieve. That’s the only thing you must stay away of, the rest is yours to take”. Maximus smiled by hearing this words. Dyone stepped back a little bit, and examined the group. A Worgen Death Knight, a Draneai Shaman, a Human Rogue, and herself, a Gnome Death Knight. Ready to go into Gnomeregan, to retrieve the plans, whom might help her, and her cult in the very near future. She sighed, looked around, and leaded the group, cleverly disguised towards New Tinkertown.

New Tinkertown. A busy operation, filled with happy working gnomes. Their goal? Retake Gnomeregan, led by their High Tinker Mekkatorque. Dyone looks around, she is on her guard, afraid for everything that can mess up their operation. She keeps a keen eye on her travel partners, the Barunita, and Glaciera are looking calm, slightly amazed by the power of the gnomes, but they focus on their mission. Maximus on the other hand: “Wow, look at all those tiny people, did you guys really build all of this? What is that? Is this any value?” His questions goes on, and on, tracking attention from a close by gnome priest. Dyone waves to him, smiles, and wishes they will enter Gnomeregan safely. When they are close to the big elevator, a guard approaches them. “What is your mission here?” He asks, Dyone blinks, smiles and says to the guard: “We are here, to research the current amount of radium energy, and how lethal it is at the moment” . The guard inspected the four people standing in front of him, he nodded to Dyone, and let them pass to the elevator. Dyone was glad, that was pretty close. When the elevator went down in the dark reaches of Gnomeregan, Barunita wondered, how far is this going? Glaciera examined the wall when the elevator went lower, and Maximus watched worried. Dyone smiled, the elevator is always scary for those who aren’t used to it. They preferred their stairs, those long, hard to climb stairs. When the elevator reached the bottom, the group looked glad, glad that it was over. The four people stepped into a hallway filled with strange machines, sensors, radars, everything the gnomes could do, to filter out the radium out of a gnome, they did. Some of the sensors, pointed at Dyone and Glaciera, attracting some of the gnomes, but they laughed at them, mumbled something about radium, and they focused further on their work. Dyone smiled, being happy that they overtook this next challenge of getting into Gnomeregan. Maximus on the other hand, looked strange to the machines, when they pointed at his fellow adventure companions, but he shacked his head, and ran into the distance. “Wait Maximus” Barunita shouted, “Where are you going?” “Into their… I think I see something” Maximus yelled back. The rest of the group ran after Maximus, Dyone was swearing in herself, it went so well, must it be messed up now? The group followed Maximus under a strange gate, and as soon as they went in, the gate closed down…

“Why must they always make such a mess, clean it up, clean it up” A lonely gnome sighted, when she looked at the mess the elite makes, ”Wait wasn’t that gate open a couple of minutes ago?” The gnome wondered, “, I must be seeing ghosts.” The gnome sighted, and looked at the work she had to do. “Cleaning, clean it all up.” And she went away, continuing with her work.

It was dark. Darker than they ever saw. Nobody could see a thing. But there was sound, a beeping, humming sound. “Glaciera” Dyone said; “Can we use your senses in here?” Gaciera growled against the gnome. “I can see what I can do” he answered with a bestial undertone. “We are looking for a switch like mechanic” Dyone said. Glaciera thought about it, he did his best to peer into the darkness. Slowly but steady, shapes started to come out in the darkness, and pretty soon, he found indeed a device, that looked like a switch. “I think I found it” Glaciera growled back to the others, “Good” Dyone said, “Now push against it with all your force” Glaciera putted both hands on the switch, and pushed it hard. A new sound stirred the air. It sounded like a buzz, first far away, but slowly getting closer. “There!!!” Barunita yelled “The light is coming” And indeed, far away in the hallway, the group saw the lighting coming closer. In a minute, the group was now bathing in the light. Maximus looked around, and noticed a strange group of creatures farther in the hallway. “What are those, sweetcheeks?” He asked to Barunita, who looked to Dyone on her turn, “Trogs” Dyone said, while she was looking through her bags. “A there it is” she mumbled, and took out a strange device out of her bags, and pushed on it. In a flash, her working outfit disappeared, and a fierce, fighting outfit appeared. “Time to change your clothes guys, this is going to be a bumpy ride.” Glaciera snapped his fingers, and his robe changed into his black Death Knight armor. The groups looked away from Barunita, when she shuffled trough her bags, and pulled out her clothes, to turn them on, folding her beautiful dress, back into the bags. Maximus looked around him, a little bit embarrasses for his own cheap clothes. Barunita smiled to him and said:”A Max, you don’t need any other clothes, you look good enough in what you where” Maximus smiled to her “Thank you sweetcheeks” Dyone focused on the group of Troggs, yelled: “For the Scourge” and soon the whole group was slaughtering the new enemy.

Slowly but steady the group advanced themselves trough the long and mechanical hallways of Gnomeregan. They had no pity on their victims, while they sliced them on their blades. But then they all suddenly stopped. The group was peering into a long pit. When they looked down, they saw various creatures, vicious and fearfull down. Maximus whistled: “Wow, that’s a deep pit” he said, Barunita, stepped a few steps back, “Okay, we are not going that way…” She said, with a bit of fear in her voice, Glaciera on the other hand, examined the creatures down below: “What are those?” He asked to Dyone. Dyone looked down, and explained to the group: “Those are mutations, caused by the radiation. Best is if we stay away from them.” The group nodded at Dyone, and they continued their walk.

“Halt” Dyone said to the group. “Maximus, how good are your stealth skills?” Dyone asked to the rogue. Maximus blinked, looked to the group, and answered: “Pretty good, I think…” Dyone looked to him, “Pretty good? Or good enough to scout ahead for us?” Maximus smiled: “Good enough to scout for ya lil one” Dyone looked at him with angry eyes, whispering: “Don’t call me little”. Continuing with a louder voice: “Go ahead then, scout out, and see what enemies we can encounter, and don’t touch anything.”Maximus disappeared into the shadows, with a faint smile on his face, and the group heard his footsteps go away in the distance. “Okay then…now we wait for a little bit.” Dyone said to the remaining members of her group. Glaciera looked at the little gnome and said: “Wait? Why wait? Our mission requires haste, strategy an….wait? What is that sound?” Dyone and Barunita looked at him: “What sound?” They said both at the same time. “Glaciera turned his head to the left, listening with his right hairy ear. “I hear a soft ticking, there down below” He pointed into the pit. Dyone and Barunita looked down, doing their best to hear what Glaciera hear. “Nothing to fear there”. Said a voice behind them. The group turned around, looking to the face of Maximus. “The only enemy I could find, was a steep wall, where we have to climb down, what are you doing?”. “Maximus heard a sound” Dyone explained, “We were trying to trace it.” Barunita shacked her head. “Sorry Glaciera, I don’t hear a thing”. Glaciera thought about it for a moment. “We are going down there, right?” he asked. Dyone nodded. “Good” He said, “Lets find that out where that noise came from then”. And the group proceeded to the steep wall, with Maximus up front, leading them to their next obstacle.
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PostSubject: Re: Gnomeregan, the Sunday event   Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:57 am

Oooh, interesting! Smile
Will this continue?
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Gnomeregan, the Sunday event
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