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 Second gathering for those stationed in Elwynn Forest - Duskwood

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PostSubject: Second gathering for those stationed in Elwynn Forest - Duskwood   Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:24 pm

Since the Cult of the Damned needs to grow in Elwynn Forest, I proudly present to you the second gathering event of the week. Those who wish to attend on low level alts can freely do so, every

Tuesday at 21:00 the people will gather at a specific location inside Elwynn Forest!

So come along, and come for some RP. If you don't have a DK, make a cultist to go there, if you have a DK make a cultist anyway. All are welcome!

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PostSubject: Re: Second gathering for those stationed in Elwynn Forest - Duskwood   Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:13 am

Recap of the event, happenend on tuesday 26 april.

Two new recruits got inititated by the Death Knight Dyone, it was a little bit clumsy, but it happenend further smoothly.
There were some issues by the new unknown palladin, he went mumbling about attacking Gnolls, and Althalos who needed to talk to him.

After the initation, Barunita, talked about the recent events, the army had occured, while Dyone kept a keen eye on the new recruits, (some where paying attention, some weren't)

After this, the palladin, the rogue, Dyone and Barunita stay behind, while the rest of the people, went away, going into their missions (one got sick, one had homework, and one had to go)

After a little bit of chitchat, the higher levels, escorted the lower levels to Stormwind, finding a place for them to sleep (we went in disquise, Death Knight eyes are perfectly hidden by Engineering goggles).

When they where delivered, the Death Knight Dyone went back to her lab, to continue working on the Cauldron filled with the Plague.

This was the recap, see you all next tuesday.

Requests for next event:
1 of the higher ranks, who come by, to check how things are going.
A enemy, (player) who we can catch, torture and possible kill
Clearance about ranks in that place...who is the boss?
Higher level cult members....lesser agro range, some even died, cuz of the gnolls. (not a real request, just a tip)
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Second gathering for those stationed in Elwynn Forest - Duskwood
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