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 Application - Rendaridra

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PostSubject: Application - Rendaridra   Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:53 pm

OOC name of Character: Rendaridra
IC name of Character: Rendaridra Carter

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am female and hail from the UK. I have played WoW from vanilla up to WOTLK and just toyed with the rest.

Why do you wish to join? I wish to join because I adore everything undead. Vanilla and WOTLK were my heaven and I was genuinely sad when the LK died (I am odd like that). Until now I have been unable to find like minded individuals and have kept myself to myself. However, when I discovered that your guild existed, my interest was instantly piqued and I wanted become part of it.

How did you hear about the guild? Endlessly searching forums and the internet for others who like the dark side of WoW like I do.

What is your role-playing experience? Beginners and veterans are welcomed alike. I haven't role played much, though I like to write stories.

Did you read our Code of Conduct? Yes
Did you read the Application FAQ? Yes

What kind of a character are you hoping to develop within our guild? Young, novice shadow priest who feels that the "normal" world of light has nothing to offer her.

Your class and race; Female human shadow priest (I created this character to role play so she is very low level. I do have higher ones but I feel they would not fit in with the ethos of the guild).

Write a short story, a letter, a journal entry or any other piece of text that relates to your character! You could even establish a character profile if you wish. The choice is yours. Please take your time, though! We are not expecting a novel, but this will be our first glimpse into your character and your role-play.

Rendaridra placed the flower on the newly dug ground and with a sigh, left the graveyard. Guilt weighed heavily on her heart because she knew that her mother's death was all of her making. She easily remembered the day that she was accepted into the Academy to further her light magic, the tears of joy on her mother's cheeks and the pride swelling in her own breast. These memories would stay with her forever, but not as a fond reminder of happy times, but as the precursor to her downfall.

Rendaridra had begun her studies into the light like any other apprentice: with eagerness, attention to detail and satisfaction. However there was always that nagging feeling of incompleteness within her, of not fulfilling a part of herself she had yet to discover. She was awed by the devotion and fervor of the other pupils, traits that she just couldn't muster in herself no matter how hard she worked. She consulted the ancient tomes in the library, great sources of inspiration and knowledge to most pupils, but they were just words to her; cold lifeless words. She read each one like she was possessed, eager to find some nourishment for her hungry soul, something that would prove she was like the others in the Academy, that she was worthy. But she could find nothing, that is, until she stumbled upon some very old, time worn books at the back of one of the shelves. They were a revelation to her and immediately captured her attention. They spoke of the dark shadows, of evil forces causing death and destruction in far off lands, of a great malevolent king and of unearthly beings seemingly risen from the dead. She was thrilled and frightened at the same time, but most of all, she now knew what her path would be.

Rendaridra knew that leaving the Academy would be hard but she never imagined just what an effect it would have on her mother. Seeing the colour drain out of her face, her already frail hands, furiously clutching a nearby chair before she collapsed onto the floor, was almost too much to bear, but bear it she did, because the darkness was already inside her, pervading all that once had been good and pure in her. She would soon learn that human emotion had no place in her new dark world.

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Application - Rendaridra
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