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 Application - Venidraza

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PostSubject: Application - Venidraza   Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:19 pm

OOC name of Character:Veni
IC name of Character: Venidraza
(My name might be subject to change as, Venidraza may not be the best name for a Geist. )

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Greetings fellowed damned, I'm Veni i'm a 27 and from the soon to be icey country of Norway. I have a vested interest in Undead lore and Scarlet lore within the World Of Warcraft.

Why do you wish to join?

Sadly i haven't been able to muster up the courage to properly dive into roleplay on this server since the phasing issue and lack of undead themed roleplay, The cool kids seem to be more focused on the whole Illidari theme and fel/legion activities. Which is great don't get me wrong, But they can't hold a candle to the Cult Of The Damned themed villains.

Also whereever i turn to do my villainy and portray some sort of shady character skulking about , I'm quickly outnumbered by several armed to the teeth militias and goody two-shoes and have to run for the hills so to speak.
Wich is all part of the game if you want to be a cultists, Digging up the local graveyard is frowned upon.
"Who would have tunk it?"

How did you hear about the guild?

So browsing the forum in search of any hope about WOTLK guild theme, I ran into your thread. Trying to calm my excitement and reading through your code of conduct, along with trying to come up with a original character to add to the excellent rooster of the guild
An idea struck me wich i really need your help and creative input and approval with.
I really haven't seen anyone roleplay "Geists"  Please tell me if it's been done before or you have any experience with it. With transmogs being so easy and awesome these days, I'm working really hard to get my geist roleplay costume together.

(I have about 6/8 peices all ready finished.Damn drop rate.)

What is your role-playing experience? Beginners and veterans are welcomed alike.

I will be honest. I started out on a roleplay server early vanilla wow, Had a great time and met some great people. Organized some fun events. Sadly i feel like i've become a bit rusty as i have just recently come back to World Of Warcraft when i heard about the
"Transmoga-gigy thing" I really think you guys would be a great home for me, To groom my talent and learn.

Did you read our Code of Conduct?

Yes, Very well written and easy guide on how to conduct yourself as a fellow member of the damned.

Did you read the Application FAQ?
Yes i did.

What kind of a character are you hoping to develop within our guild?

I'm hoping to pull of roleplaying as a GEIST, The character would be themed around being a creature raised by the cult to serve and be trained as a spy and weapon in the arsenal of the cult. Obviously only deployed in espionage activities and combat operations or evil henchwoman.
Walking around Stormwind with the local cult leader wouldn't really be incognito.

Also i have decided to only let my character string together four words at a time when speaking, This would help me warm up and learn from the more seasoned member of the guild.  An example would be

"Master....The Living Come!" Ect

I've always liked being the background character and not the main antagonist.
As in Icecrown citadel when i've encountered them, They aren't really talkers. They creepily string together a few sentences before jumping on you and scaring the  affraid out of you. No Long dragged out dialogue.

Your class and race;

Here comes the "Oh God NO!"
I'm hoping to sucessfully pull of roleplaying a "Night Elf - Demon Hunter" As a GEIST!
From what i could research on Wowiki.

*Geists are hideous crawling, gangrel creatures of the Scourge. Agile and quick despite their crawling gait, they are one of the lower-ranking forms of undead. Aside from use in combat, geists see a lot of service as manual labor. Despite their gagged, hooded faces (dominated by only one eye) and muffled, harsh cackling, geists are capable of coherent speech.
Geists have hangman's ropes around their necks[1]. This implies that these are executed criminals (or enemies of the Scarlet Crusade, which to the Scourge amounts to the same thing...) raised into undeath by the Scourge *

I've looked into the Warrior but it just doesn't have the acrobatic feel of the demonhunter. The ability "Vengeful Retreat" and "Fel Rush" fits so well fit the movements of a GEIST. Now i realize i have to be extremely careful not to break character and suddenly burst out my wings like batman and throw felfire all around, I really don't want to break the immersion or damage the reputation of the guild.

Write a short story, a letter, a journal entry or any other piece of text that relates to your character! You could even establish a character profile if you wish. The choice is yours. Please take your time, though! We are not expecting a novel, but this will be our first glimpse into your character and your role-play.

The sun hung low over the pine trees of Tyr's hand, As a small band of Scarlet footmen marched with a steady pace through the woods. One of the newer recruits scuffed at his shield brother.

"How long are we going to be walking through these cursed woods, Why do they leave them hanging up there?"
The man leading the band suddenly belched a loud commanding order.

"Company, Halt!"
He then turned towards the sound and walked right through the ranks to search for the complainer.

"You! Recruit Falric, What's the matter? Are your legs tired or is there something wrong with the view?"
The man pointed towards the long path with thick pine trees on each side. From heavy branches hung several condemned non-humans and heretics with a thick rope around their neck, Swinging back and forth as the wind slowly made it's mark among the dense forest.

"N-No Sir. It's just, Why do we leave them hanging there? They are all ready dead."
The man poked Falric's chest so hard it feelt like a crossbow bolt slamming against chain mail.

"Why? WHY?! Was that the question Intiate Falric? To make it clear that these lands are no place for heretics and inhuman beasts. If you have a problem with that intiate? I'm sure that pretty lass up there would love some company."
He grinned pointing to what only could be assumed to be some kind elf dangling just above them. The geen color indicated that she had been hanging there for quite some time. Falric struggled to muster up the courage to look at her.The man snickered and walk to the front of the company and spoke.

"I thought so. Now lets---"
Before he could finish a great gust of cold wind swept through the path, Almost freezing the blades of grass beneath them. A cold calculating ancient voice spoke from all sides.

"The dead always long for company Captain Durgen. With each soul you condemn, the innocent, the guilty, the worst. Each leave this world with the same question after the last vestage of breath leave their lungs. What awaits me on the other side?"
The men drew their blades and formed a tight circle with their backs against each other.No one dared answer the voice, It then spoke again.

"We answer all! No matter creed ,allegiance or race. The call of the damned cannot be ignored."
Suddenly all the hung corpses started writhing  with anguish and started making ghastly sounds,Shrieking as waking from a nightmare. Most of the men broke formation and ran, Leaving only the Captain and Falric. As Falric shaking with fear raised his gaze, The last thing he saw was the emerald colored woman snapping the rope attacthed to her nooze and leaping towards him.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will give me a chance to prove i'm not some META look at my GEIST with mutated demon wings. I really want to learn from you guys and make some new friends doing so.

Veni "TheGeistQueen"
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Deathlord Zalon

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Venidraza   Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:02 pm

Thank you for taking interest in our branch of the Damned. I'm glad to hear you're willing to adapt and learn with your concept and I'll get right on the point with it.

I would say No to it sadly. I can see that you have taken much in to consideration, good points as well which makes me want to give you advice and chance if you're willing to change the idea around.
Might even end that the concept changes completely at the end of my reply. Either way.

Using another class to represent something else is - of course fine no doubt about it. However we would like to keep it clean both IC and OOC, we do not accept Demon hunters in to the guild for reasons I'm sure you understand. I'm certain you can understand the confusion that will come from it as a point.

Also playing an undead, almost mindless being is rather hard, few can pull it off and enjoy it in all honesty. If you truly believe you can then that is good! But I want to give you a fair warning that it might not be as 'glamorous' as you might expect.

Also to add to it all, there is a Hallow's end wand that can turn you in to a Geist. You can still use abilities and indeed fight in that costume, yet someone must cast on it, I would be willing to do just that. But again We may have to change the concept all together. Moving on.

I would suggest going for something more, 'alive' A cultists, a undead Necromancer of sort. Playing monsters tend to mess things around a bit and it will limit you as well as you can't go in disguise for example. We're more than willing to accept new initiate, Rogues that desire to learn more of our shadow magic to utilize it in cult operations. A warrior that desire to reach immortality by becoming a powerful undead warrior etc. There are many paths one can chose.

Yet I don't want to discourage you and say your idea is bad. I personally like it myself and would love to RP something similar at times. But again there are many things that can go wrong, be boring. hard to interact with, hard to provide RP with the list goes on. I hope you understand it all and see it as a friendly advice rather than flat out call your idea bad, it is not. Just hard.

We may talk back and forth if you wish, either here or in game to come up with a concept you would like to do within our guild and if we too see it as good then I see no issue to allow you to use it in the Frozen Covenant.

He commands the Scourge that will cleanse this land and establish a paradise of eternal darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Venidraza   Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:25 pm

I can't thank you enough Zalon for the great reply and friendly critic.

I'm well aware that in accepting me into the guild as a whole would be taking on a pretty huge risk of being taken seriously, Just by the very association scroll over "LuL Demon Hunter Scourge." It's something that not only the officers but regular members would have to deal with by just standing next to me OOC and ICC in game. Just by association,It's like being stuck with the "The Fat Girl At Prom" I really hope i didn't offend anyone with that metaphor.

While i'm the last person who should be criticing other peoples Roleplay skill, Alot of new Roleplayers and a few seasoned Roleplayers seem to be unfamiliar with the concept of "Meta Knowledge" Just because you scroll over a character and it say's "Shaman" Doesn't mean your character knows it's a shaman before he tells you or does something related to Shamanism.
So i realize just dealing with that as a "GEIST" would provide a huge obstacle and risk, Others ability to easily recognise just what i'm trying to portray and then react to it accordingly would be challenging. It's not like a GEIST is in the habit of handing out it's resume or introducing themselvess. "Hi I'm Robert and i'm a GEIST" So i totally agree with all your concerns.

You brought up so many excellent points about it's definitely a less glamorous character and the challenges i would face. Wich is is fact just what i'm looking for. I really want to RP the silent sentinel type and just add to the environment,Not the lead the charge.
I feel i can learn so much from you guys by just observing and attending, When of course the situation is called for. Obviously i can't take part in any inner city workings when it comes to undercover cult activity. I would only be able to participate in open organized cult activity and events.

I really have my heart set on trying to roleplay as a "GEIST". So i hope you will consider giving me a trial period, I will follow all instructions and rules laid out for my character ICC and OCC.
If it's still to much of a risk and it's still a NO, Then i completely understand and i thank you and the rest of the guild for your time.

With great admiration.
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Deathlord Zalon

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Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: Application - Venidraza   Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:59 pm

It's good to see that you want to do good with it. I'll consult with my officers and return to you either here or ingame if I see you online.

He commands the Scourge that will cleanse this land and establish a paradise of eternal darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Venidraza   

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Application - Venidraza
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