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 Application - Nerys

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PostSubject: Application - Nerys   Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:54 pm

OOC name of Character: Nerys

IC name of Character: Nerys Townsford

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi there, I'm Nerys (or rather the player behind Nerys), I'm 23 and hail from England. I like a lot of stuff but my favourite interests are probably roleplaying, writing and video gaming (original I know). I don't like bears, Duke Nukem Forever or the sound polystyrene makes. I want to study to become a teacher.

Why do you wish to join?

The Scourge/Cult of the Damned have always fascinated me, even back when I was a little babby Nerys Jr playing Warcraft III for the first time. They are (at least imo) the most interesting of Warcraft's antagonistic factions and antagonistic/villain roleplay is something I've always enjoyed, so joining up with a guild about that sort of thing would be fun. Heard a lot of neat stuff about you guys too.

How did you hear about the guild?

Heard about you guys a few years ago while you were still on DB from a few people who had come over to AD and I think we might have briefly done some cross-realm RP at one point. Since then also heard a lot about you from Aoloch who has only had many good things to say/recommendations.

What is your role-playing experience? Beginners and veterans are welcomed alike.

I wouldn't consider myself the most confident roleplayer, but I do try my best and I've been doing it for quite a long time (albeit not as much as I'd like) I am always very eager to commit, contribute and learn from roleplay, though!

Did you read our Code of Conduct? - Back to front.

Did you read the Application FAQ? - Yep.

What kind of a character are you hoping to develop within our guild?

I rarely think about characters in terms of "this is where I want this character to go" and prefer to let them be shaped by the rp they are part of, but I would like to get Nerys back in to the groove of being a cultist/necromancer, perhaps further her understanding of the dark arts, challenge her views/morals, ect ect.

Your class and race: Human Priest

Write a short story, a letter, a journal entry or any other piece of text that relates to your character! You could even establish a character profile if you wish. The choice is yours. Please take your time, though! We are not expecting a novel, but this will be our first glimpse into your character and your role-play.


Grey clouds hung low overhead, sat in the sky so thickly as to look like a wooly sheet. Though dark enough in hue as to almost appear black, whether they were full of rain or merely emulating the night sky beyond was unclear. To the residents of lonely Worthingham, a small hamlet that few knew of and even fewer visited, it wasn’t unusual. This evening however, their eyes were not drawn to the sky, but to a wooden crate where an armoured knight had placed a smaller, scrawnier figure.

Suspicious of even the most unassuming, unremarkable strangers, the peculiar pair practically had the locals practically brimming with parochial distaste. The larger of the two, a knight clad in plain, rusty-looking platemail, face obscured by a plumed greathelm and matching gorget, crossed their arms, watching the approaching locals in silence, stood almost unnaturally still. The knight’s companion, concealed beneath a set of plain-looking dark robes, stood up on the crate where they had been placed, even with the hood ominously concealing their face other than a few tufts of errant blonde hair, the figure didn’t cut an especially imposing figure.

A moment of two of awkward silence passed and then the hooded human spoke. Not in a booming, commanding tone or a slippery, honeyed tone, but a thickly-accented drawl, common sounding and almost a little grating to listen to.

“Oh um, hello. I heard you folk weren’t doing real well out here. I mean it ain’t a real surprise really since you lot live in the middle of nowhere. Bandits, crops dying, folk disappearing in the night… golly, you’d think it were Duskwood!”

Eyes narrowed almost universally among the scraggly-dressed peasants that had gathered to form a small crowd, murmuring began to buzz through the crowd, angry murmuring and more than one “Oi buggroff!” from the back of the crowd. The figure coughed loudly, waving her hands to try and placate them long enough to hastily continue.

“I ain’t saying it’s your fault or nothing, you folk are far from Stormwind and a king that don’t care about you except when the taxman comes around, if he did, he’d get the problems sorted right? I figure hard-working folk dese-“ she was cut off by a loud, gruff “Hah!”

An equally gruff looking man with long, white hair and an equally thick beard sauntered through the crowd, despite looking like he must be in his fifties or sixties, his body was rippling with sinewy muscle.

“This fearmongering witch says we’ve been abandoned by the Alliance? Nay I say, help will come if we are patient,” he spoke dutifully, addressing the crowd before jutting out an accusatory finger to the hooded stranger, “I spent decades serving my king and his Alliance, I won’t hear another word from you, begone!

The crowd silenced itself, looking between the veteran and the stranger tensely. A heavy silence hung in the air and the old man’s face contorted into a wide, victorious grin.
“I couldn’t have made me point better than that fella did for me. The Alliance is filled with folk like him, folk who won’t listen to no one, let alone folk like us. How long have you been waiting for “help” now? Half a year, a year, two years? I doubt they even bothered to read the letters you’ve sent, you folk deserve better than the All-“

Interrupting the stranger again, the Veteran let out an angry bellow and tore towards the crate, reaching out to grab at the speaker. The frail, hooded form cowered away and a heavy plated palm pushed the old man back, positioning itself between him and her. A second roar of frustration echoed from the veteran as leapt at the knight, a frenetic mixture of slapping, wrestling and pushing between the two culminating in the old man overpowering the knight and violently yanking his helmet off.
Stunned by what he saw, the powerfully-built veteran paid for his shock with a flash of steel and deep crimson, the knight drawing his blade and cutting a messy wound into his opponent’s chest before pushing him off, leaving a bleeding, groaning pile on the floor as he rose to reveal… nothing. There was nothing where his head should have been. A chattering skull rolled out from within his helmet which he snatched up and stuck back into place.

Horrified screams of terror and shock came from a scattering crowd, though they quickly faded to be replaced by a far more dangerous sound, the metallic scraping of farm tools being hoisted from within houses and the low buzzing of anger.

“Oh err… well that didn’t quite go as planned,” the hooded woman murmured before hopping down from the crate, motioning to her skeletal ally and sprinting off into the woods, the clink-clank of rusty platemail following in her wake. It didn’t take long before the sounds of shouting faded away, as angry as they were, the peasants were reluctant to give chase into the woods at night.
“There’s plenty more places like this if we travel a few days south, it’s a learning experience, we’ll get it right eventually,” she murmured as much to herself as to her companion. The sudden sound of rustling leaves behind the pair caused both to spin around, wary of anything large enough to rustle a bush in those dark woods.

A pale-faced youth with dark hair pulled himself out of the bush sporting more than a few scratches and stings from dashing through the undergrowth. The skeletal knight made to draw his blade but his companion stayed his hand with a gesture.

“Don’t kill me, I don’t mean no harm I swear! I just wanted to… to talk!” the nervous youth blurted out, his nerves getting the better of him, “What you said and all, about the Alliance and about our village, it well… it rung true with me. Our village will die out if we don’t do anything and if even a… a…” he stuttered, looking from the hooded woman to the skeleton and back again.

“A what?” she inquired, determined to hear him say it.

“A… a… a necromancer! If even a necromancer can see what trouble we’re in… if even a necromancer could offer us another path then I… I want to hear more,” he finished, letting out an anxious gulp.

“Even if it meant most folk would hate you? That folk like that angry fella back there would throw stones and punches and a whole lot of stuff much worse?” the necromancer whispered, almost a little surprised when the youth nodded his head.

A thin smile crept onto the stranger’s face. She took a few steps forward before resting a frail hand on the boy’s shoulder.
“I know a bunch of folk who are just going to adore you.”
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Deathlord Zalon

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Nerys   Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:07 pm

For me it looks good! I take it your character is more or less a Necromancer then?
I'll let another officer second me and then we can begin by OOCly invite you to start the second phase of our recruitment process.

He commands the Scourge that will cleanse this land and establish a paradise of eternal darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Nerys   Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:41 pm

Thanks for submitting an application! Looks good and well-written to me too! You have my vouch. Whenever your online we can throw you an invite, and undergo the rest of the recruitment process.

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Nerys   

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Application - Nerys
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