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 Application FAQ

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PostSubject: Application FAQ   Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:55 pm

Instructor Lyonsbane’s Guide to the Application Process – Summer 2016 Edition (FAQ)

Greetings potential recruit! This my attempt at touching on some things I feel are important to note before applying to our guild. Sit back, relax and ready your minds for enlightenment.

Q: “What is this trial period you speak of? How long will I have to wait before I am fully accepted into the guild?”

A: There is no fixed time given for the trial period. When we deem you are ready, you will be invited to take on the mantle of a full-fledged member of the Covenant.

Q: “I did not role-play before so my character name is something that breaks immersion, does that affect my application and more importantly, role-play with other people?”

A: Within reason, we can accept certain OOC naming conventions as technically speaking, the characters we role-play do NOT see the floating names over our heads. However, we emphasize WITHIN REASON. As amazing as a role-player and person you might be, we will likely ask you to change your OOC name if it’s something along the lines of ‘Buttholes’ (Yes, I’ve seen someone make a character with this name and passed the name checker in-game, god knows why). It goes without saying that racist/inflammatory/vulgar names will not be allowed and are liable to get you reported on by some random player anyway, at which point Blizzard will say hi to you.

Q: “I am a mean-spirited person who likes to bully others and take out my frustrations online. This evil-aligned guild is perfect for me, right?”

A: No. We ROLE-PLAY as villains. As stated in the Code of Conduct and otherwise agreed upon by all sane role-players everywhere: What happens in role-play STAYS in role-play. We will NOT tolerate anyone from our guild being rude, abusive or generally behaving like an arsehole to our own members and/or outsiders. This rule applies to EVERYONE.

Q: “But… But Instructor Lyonsbane, I want to get into character! I want to LIVE inside my character! If he/she is evil, I should be too!”

A: We are all here to have fun, not to make our brothers and sisters in role-play miserable. Situations in role-play can get intense, heated and even emotional if acted out superbly. It is CRITICAL that all of us take a step back at these times to remember we are not the characters we play. We may associate with them. We may have given them a lot of our characteristics/attributes, but they are still not us.

Q: "Why do you guys have such strict policies and recruitment processes? Aren't you being a bit elitist?"

A:  We are the antagonists. We are here to provide a living, breathing enemy to the heroic role-players of Argent Dawn. They are our audience and we would like them to have more convincing enemies. We hope it is vice versa for them, as role-play is best when mutual exchange in entertainment is achieved. We cannot control their attitude however; but we can control ours.
It is ironically BECAUSE we play the part of the villains that we have to tread the thinner line than those who play the ‘good guys’. We must never allow our schemes and machinations to go beyond entertaining both ourselves and those around us. Shaymas Lyonsbane enjoys war and convincing people to join his death cult. His ‘actor’ James would rather avoid violence if at all possible in real life and despises fanaticism. See the difference?

Q: “How do I know I’ve had my application looked at by an officer?”

A: When we review your application and come to a decision, we will reply to your application thread and then lock it.

Q: “I got rejected. WHY?!”

A: We run a guild, not a democratic country. If you do not meet the standards we are looking for, then we cannot accept you. We are in no way obligated to explain our reasoning beyond that.

Q: “Will harassing members of the guild, including the officers and even guild leader via in-game whispers help me get into the guild despite my rejected application?”

A: No. In fact, it will encourage us to never entertain another application from you ever again, nor provide any constructive feedback which we would have given if you didn’t harass us.

Q: “Can’t I just make a new account on the forum and try again? Using a different in-game character? Surely you won’t realise it’s the same person?”

A: It will not work.

"I dearly hope there's a special place in hell waiting for you, Arthas."

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Application FAQ
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