This is the official forum for the Role-playing guild, The Frozen Covenant, on Argent Dawn [EU]
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 General Guild Information

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PostSubject: General Guild Information   Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:08 pm

Who are we?

"The Frozen Covenant" is a Role-Playing guild on the Argent Dawn (Eu) server of the "World of Warcraft" MMORPG. Though our primary focus is Role-Play, we do engage in either PvP or PvE depending on the interests of our members.

We are a group of individuals bound to the Cult of the Damned: cultists whom follow Kel’thuzad’s teachings and practice the dark arts of necromancy. We are loyal to the Scourge under the reign of Arthas/Ner’Zhul. From lowly commoners to knights and nobles, the vision of our cause appeals to many mortals. As for those that are not so easily convinced, there are certainly “other” ways to sway them.

As such, there are many possibilities for a character to find his/her place amongst us, with many opportunities for interesting character development!

What kind of role-play can one expect from us?

As one would imagine, the general focus of our role-play will be that of cultism. The Cult of the Damned revels in the prospect of immortality through undeath. The power they are promised can only be achieved through the dark arts of necromancy, and tempered with the philosophy of Kel’thuzad’s teachings.
We will focus on the character development of our members as we guide them through the cult’s grim perspective of the world, and teach them the dark arts of necromancy. Most, if not all, of our interpretations of the cult’s culture are inspired by sources in the cannon lore.

Aside from magic and philosophy, we will focus a great deal on the cult’s operations. To expand the Scourge’s sphere of control, the cult has its work cut out for them. Conjuring and spreading a plague, infiltration, subterfuge and sabotage, or simply raising a host of undead to unleash on our enemies – the storylines that stem from our conflict against the living are many!

From performing dark rites and rituals to causing chaos within enemy ranks through an unsuspecting proxy, our aim is to create a realistic yet enjoyable vibe within our role-play.

How is the role-play and events of our guild structured?

The role-play we will conduct will involve all various roles within our guild; no one will be left out. We will try to intricately unite everyone into the role-play we would offer. But our aim is to have our own members take initiatives as well, for the Officer team will be unable to provide events 24/7. We will focus more on providing broad, general plot lines with key events, but with casual player-driven role-play happening in-between.
For example, we may be pursuing a powerful artifact on Northrend, but our members would be free to role-play amidst the overall story and move it forward/expand upon it. The shaping and future of the guild will only depend on the role-play our members create and partake in.

Thus, we are pretty open to ideas and initiatives regarding our guild, but as long as it is befitting to the general theme, direction and framework of our guild.

As for the key events that we will plan for our personal guild role-play, they will most likely be Dungeon Mastered events; that we provide the scenarios and NPCs needed for our role-play, with our members steering the direction of the story based on their actions.

How do we look at interacting with other players across the server?

We will be more than willing to cooperate and role-play with other guilds/groups and sharing joint events.

If you are an enemy, then there are certainly many opportunities of role-play to be had! And the same applies if you are a potential ally. But given the nature of our organization, you can expect that we are deceitful and will, treacherously if we must, pursue our own interests. As we would expect from other not-so-righteous groups!

How do we look at cross-faction role-play?

Naturally, we will be very much looking forward to interacting with any interested Horde guilds for joint events, such as skirmishes against the Forsaken, infiltrating the Sin’dorei society for a specific storyline, etc.

How do we involve lore developments into our own role-play?

We would move along with any relevant lore developments brought about by the game, as we like to immerse ourselves with the changes and plot lines that happen around the world. For example, when the Plaguelands were revamped after the ‘Cataclysm’ expansion, we carried out events concerning our efforts of sabotaging the Argent Crusade’s expansion.

A final note:

Lastly, we would welcome anyone whom wishes to join our guild. Even if you are new, we are willing to help in whatever manner possible as long as one is willing to learn and follow our rules.

Interested? Give us a poke!

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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General Guild Information
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