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 Aseleth Speech

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PostSubject: Aseleth Speech   Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:02 am


Since the new death knight, Aseleth Duskbringer, was recruited by the Covenant, he brought several papers written by himself. It appears they were monologues or speeches that the knight pronounced to his disciples. Due to a certain lack of attention from the owner, such papers can be found around the necropolis.

I am Aseleth Duskbringer. Bane of the Drakkari, weaver of deaths, destroyer of Winterspark. Tonight am your master and your supreme educator. I teach you what must be overcome. I teach you command over death. What have you done to overcome death?

All beings created something that is beyond them, but you haven’t been able to create something beyond yourselves! Do you want to be the ebb of this tide and return to crawl in that slimy cave which gave you birth? NO! NEVER!

What is “death”? A mockery or a painful shame. And the very same undeath must be a mockery and a painful shame for the one who shall ascend. I show you: the path toward eternity.
I know about you: already on the first day after birth, culled by the warm hands of your mother, you were thinking to greatness, to glory! And so you evolved, you shaped with this thought in your head, awaiting for that moment. And now i tell you: that moment has arrived! It is here in all its majestic pride: the day upon which your journey takes the Turn. You have to make a detour from that path which all run through if you want to be the best, you have to immerse yourself in ways unexplored!

I show you the way towards eternity.
Be with me, i say: i teach you ascension toward Eternity.

And for those of you who stick to the fragility of life, i tell you: you must be strong. In truth, life is muddy current and its flow brings nothing but despair and pain. Life is a slave of time who trifles with it like a cruel god with his servant. You can no longer serve your idols! Torn the veil that clouds your eyes with the sharp power of truth: you will see the path to the Immortal Existence: become a lich!"
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Aseleth Speech
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