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 Flaws of Mortality (a work-in-progress)

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PostSubject: Flaws of Mortality (a work-in-progress)   Tue May 22, 2012 11:18 am

(( Another one of the Scourge documents I'll be writing for our RP! I'll appreciate any help/feedback I would get! Like if any has ideas for me to add, such as a flaw which I can expand upon or forgot to add, please do tell! Anyways, hope you all enjoy this. ))

Quote :
The largest misconception the living have of the Scourge is our penchant for what is considered 'evil.' For the sake of demoralization we allow this error to perpetuate, and indeed spread it on our own. The true nature of The Scourge is our transcendence of the shackles that keep any of the living races from becoming as prosperous as we. - Kel'thuzad, Decree of the Scourge.

These are the words which bestows upon us the truth from which we prosper and unite under one banner - under one existent clear commandment - which compels us to dwell in perfection and superiority! Through these words, we would comprehend that the Scourge is not in any way a group bound to a set of virtues or confined to any religion, but rather bound to the wisdom and decree of the Master whom illuminates our rightful path towards immortality. It is through the Master that we recieve the enlightment which allows us to shatter any confinement, and be elevated to a status befitting our own inner true potential.

It is through the Master's will that we come to realize our true calling; that we come to realize the following flaws of our mortal shells, which furthermore allows us to transcend them and exploit them against our inferior, ignorant enemies:

Hope: hope is but a form of denial. It is through hope that man is driven against greater odds, which by logic, would bring about man's demise. This is due to the fact that upon the brink of despair and failure, it is easier for one to live a lie than to face reality as it is. They wish not to accept their inevitable demise and comprehend the truth, but yet tread directly towards their undoing to prove to themselves that the outcome will be in their favor. Little do they know, that the only difference they make is that they are welcoming death with open arms. But those whom can surmise with reason and logic rather than their obsession to corroborate themselves would see through the frailty of hope, and accept reality; allowing them to adapt and succeed.

Zealotry: another form of denial, but as extreme faith in a religion or belief - such as the holy light. When a situation arises where a individual's knowledge and belief is about to be invalidated and proven useless, men and women shroud their vision with an illusion to not come at grips with the certainty which awaits; that everything they ever knew has failed them. Thus they rather meet their end than to adapt to succeed. The Scarlet Crusade is a clear example of zealotry, where their extreme devotion was the main cause for having them as a resource to bolster the armies of the Scourge.

Righteousness: a lesser form of zealotry, but another form of extreme faith which results in denial nevertheless. Faith in justice and righteousness is what led the whole Kingdom of Lordaeron to be nothing more than rubble, and what led thousands of men and women to be condemned by His will in their futile struggle for peace and goodness.

Self-conceit: obsession in one's ability to succeed. For satisfying one's ego, people tend to acquire an abundant degree of confidance in their capabilities that they would not deduce their actions through careful reasoning and planning, but recklessly charge ahead into any challenge which awaits them only to meet their end. The Scourge and the Cult acknowledges that the Master's domination will come to pass, but the Master's will obliges us to rationality and wisdom. Thus our engagements with varied enemies occur after adequate contemplation and preparation to conclude the weaknesses of what we face, so that we abuse it for our cause:

Quote :
It is foolish to spend excessive resources in warping the mind of a simple peasant where the common plague will suffice. But it is equally unwise to try the same plague against the seasoned and hearty. Reasoned study of any formidability will reveal useable weaknesses. - Kel'thuzad, Decree of the Scourge.

Honor: a form of validiction. To uphold honor, one would go as far as accepting death itself. The folly of this, is that every life is bound to end. So isn't validating one's existence through superiority and prosperity better than a mental state as honor which results in irrational and idiotic behavior leading only to nothing?

Pride: another form of validiction, similiar to honor with its outcome. These aspects which only bolster one's self-esteem always lead to the same effect; limited perception and observation. Such mental and personal satisfaction obstructs a individual's view to achieve his true potential, because of being bound to such fallacies which "soothes" one's feelings but is truly false with no real basis or resolution.

Emotions: the cause of idiocrasy and cretinousy. Denied or not, emotions would always be the sole origin of foolish, illogical actions and reactions which serves to make one feel positive but only leads to adverse consequences. Such a flaw can be played upon to bring about the defeat of our enemies. As for ourselves, we are tought to control and harness our emotions to our own benefits; to set aside that which impedes our progress while embracing that which strengthens it. What guides us into gaining such a focused, realistic and flawless perception? The physical, spiritual, unwavering, existent and manifesting will of the Lich King!


( to be continued! )

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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Flaws of Mortality (a work-in-progress)
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