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 Her disappearance

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PostSubject: Her disappearance   Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:50 pm

It has been almost four months. Four damned months. Barunita almost stopped counting days. "Blasted Ycoga... son of a bitch" Barunita sweared. She remembered that day like it was yesterday. That blasted dog just wandered through Plaguelands. That was major outrage. After all what he did. After the betrayal of Dark one. He had the courage to wander through her domain. Barunita reeked with anger. She hated all demons but this one was her jailer back on Draenor. All the torture she took was from hands of this dog.

He skittered on the road with group of minor demons. Barunita made quick counting. Three doomguard, two succubi, dirty bastard. And two fel hounds. "Striking hard and fast will be the best way. After all Im no longer that pitiful mortal being." Barunita thought. She chose best place where to attack and then she hit. She incated two bigger blood bolts and And tossed them against felhounds. One was drained instantly, leaving only empty husk on the ground. Second one was left crippled, exhausted unable to do a thing. Without anything in proximity to drain, it was good as dead. She charged forward using the moment of suprises. Storming towards the succubi and bashing spiked mace deep to her face. The second succubi instantly tried to use her seductive magic to paralyze the attacker. "No mortal can resist me, men or women. You are lost now, bow down before me." Baruntia replied instantly: "Bad call sister.. I have been gifted. Gifted beyond your imagination!" As Barunita jumped forward, she could see the fear in they eye of the low demon. After that she dived her axe deep into succubi´s head. Doomguards finally started to act rising their heavy weapons and making their way to Barunita. Ycoga watched the whole fight with desperation, but he didnt do a thing, his pride didnt allow him to do so. Barunita dodged doomguard´s cleave and slashed against his legs cutting them off and run forward ramming blade of her axe into chest of another demon. Last doomguard tried to cut her in half but instead got stripped off his life energy. Barunita finished demons caught in grasp of agony and faced Ycoga.

"Who dares to attack Ycoga Redspine?!?" - the demon roared. "More importantly how dare you to enter lands of Dark one, pitiful demon dog?" replied Barunita mockingly. This time it was the demon who was angry. "We have unsettled debts, bitch.." insulted Barunita the demon again. "And who are you, mortal?" Barunita let her hood to slip down. Demon seemed shocked after seeing her face. "You.. you had to be dead!" "I was dead" - Barunita grinned and continued: "In fact I still am.. but not from hand of pitiful low lives like you. I chose my fate, to give my life in. To serve!" Barunita tossed vampiric bolt against Ycoga. Demon covered himself with his wings and growled after impact. "So fragile you are.." insluted Barunita the demon again. Demon growled and attempted to put Barunita in sleep. Barunita just laughed after the demon´s attempt. "You are really idiotic Ycoga, your pathetic attempts might work on mortals, but you face Necrolord now.

Barunita jumped forward slashed her axe. The axe got locked with Ycoga´s claws. "Not so strong now, little draenai." " Really, demon?" said Barunita and smashed blood infused mace into demon´s chest with all her might. Demon backed off after strike, spitting some blood out. The clash continued for some more time after, both sides good harmed, but clearly Barunita had upper hand. The demon desperate from the situation raised his arms, covering circle around them into darkness. The air got filled by whispers in demonic language. Then the ground shaked and the darkness disappeared but they werent on original place. It was demonic realm.
The fight continued but the tides started to turn. With Ycoga on his own ground he had all advantages. Barunita held for hours. But it seemed that she starts to fade. Even with countless demonic followers drained. She wasnt fast enough anymore. She got hit several times. "Puny draenai.. I will slave you again.." said Ycoga. Barunita fell on her knees, Ycoga approached her. "You are mine again.."
"Thats right, come closer, little more.." whispered Barunita. As the demon came close enough to touch her she stormed forward knocking him down and departing his ugly head off rest of the body. "Demons of the legion. You lord fell under the might of Scourge. Lets this be example for everyone. This realm. Will. Fall!" shouted Barunita.

And then culling began...
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PostSubject: Re: Her disappearance   Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:23 pm

*likes very much*
really looking forward to having you back^^

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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Her disappearance
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