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 Journal of a Mad Scientist - Page 2

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PostSubject: Journal of a Mad Scientist - Page 2   Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:44 pm

This actually is getting a bit difficult for myself to finish. I kinda hit a block and becoming skeptical how to continue, though I do hope I did well and that its enjoyable! Have fun! Hopefully! Smile

*Should you be travelling the Western or Eastern Plaguelands, the following parchment could be found. On the right hand corner of the page, a "2" is labeled in red. As usual, the parchment is gray and old, with the edges torn off depicting that it is but one page teared out of a book. The Ink is pitch black, with a clear and rather fashioned hand writing. One difference though, is that the whole page is soaked with an odd green colour, yet it has not effected the clarity of the text.*

Greetings yet again, beloved aspirants. I bid that this day treats you all well.

Upon our last endeavor we have agreed that no manner of shamanism, druidism or any interpretation of the holy light could possibly grant immortality, for within Death's vicinity, they can only delay one's demise. Thus, our resolution was that we should seek elsewhere; to come upon another method, a method which would contribute to this conquest that I so soughtly wish to complete.

And it is from such a resolution, that my research led me to the arcane arts. As an apprentice mage, I contain quite a simple and a beginner's understanding of magic, so if any of my lovely readers have little to naught knowledge of what I am about to leap into, worry not for you require only to comprehend the basic idea at hand, and the conclusion we shall draw from it. We do not seek to delve deep into a method unless we are truely certain that it is what we yearn for; our salvation for the ability of utterly taking control of our own fates.
Therefore, we shall see the efficiency and practicality of the schools of magic we shall induldge in, and if any suits the characteristics that we wish to obtain, we shall delve deep within that concluded discovery.

I am a simple man, and as a medic I prefer keeping matters consice and easily comprehensible so that I would come across the right method of curing my patients in the time given, without letting their sickly diseases evolve and bolster. And so, I shall follow such a theory in our research.

Fire, frost and nature magic are most obviosely irrelevant to our purpose. Fire and frost are a form of aggresive or defensive gifts used for various reasons which would be a most unfortunate loss of time if we are to decipher the many uses they uphold. What we need to understand that none of the mentioned has any form of infinite perservation. Fire is a form of destruction. Frost countains quite a handful defensive abilities, and could perhaps conjure a temporary strong fortification around one's person or even a group, but yet it does not grant immortal life - it does not achieve maximum efficiency and practicality, for it is used for such barbaric uses as battles and war, not for knowledge and science. Nature magic is similiar to druidism or perhaps even shamanism, even if in a different form, and as discussed earlier, such abilities only grant limited potential and power; immortality is not confined to shackles.

Perhaps the pure form of arcane magic? Is that what we seek? First we must define "pure". I acknowledge such a term as that it fits to a standardized set of characteristics and attributes, which limit its potential and gifts. As mentioned earlier, immortality is not confined to limits. The pure form of arcane is used only to channel raw energies or converge it to form the other schools of magic which we just deemed futile and useless. No, it is not the "pure" form of arcane magic or any other for they are hindered restrained.

The answer is clear, my Gentlemen and Ladies, and I shall not deny it any further. To gain what we seek, we -must- consult with unorthodox methods; transcendental magic and rapturous abilities which are deemed by the greater public as "forbidden" and "perilous". I mentioned this once, I shall mention it again: If you do not contain the necessary courage and determination to do what is necessary to achieve our intent, then let this be the last page you read, for what I shall discuss further on from this point is not for the weak-willed and faint-hearted.

But if you think yourself to have what is needed to pursue this desideratum through to the end, then turn this page and let us, at long last, grasp our lives and bend it to our will!

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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Journal of a Mad Scientist - Page 2
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