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 Journal of a Mad Scientist - Page 1

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PostSubject: Journal of a Mad Scientist - Page 1   Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:45 am

Hope its good and enjoyable Smile


*Should you be travelling the Western or Eastern Plaguelands, the following parchment could be found. On the right hand corner of the page, a "1" is labeled in red. As usual, the parchment is gray and old, with the edges torn off depicting that it is but one page teared out of a book. The Ink is pitch black, with a clear and rather fashioned hand writing. One difference though, is that half the page is smudged with an odd green colour, yet it has not effected the clarity of the text.*

Clear your thoughts, and ease your minds. Intelligence is a gift, my fellow colleagues; let nothing obstruct it nor impair it. Let only the skies be your limit upon this journey of self revelation.

Now how does one begin his research? By ackowledging and defining what it is we are trying to achieve. And in our case, it is the ulterior, most benevolent concept of Immortality.

Immortality is defined as the ability to live for an eternity. It is when preservation endures on to the infinite timeline, where the begining has no end; where life has no death. But it is upon this very thought that most scientists and academic workers are misdirected and treading upon the faulty path of imaginative success, where they are only lead to an abrupt dead end. We believe that Immortality is not associated with death, we believe it is the preservation of life prior to death, but be certain my most dearest readers, that this conception is frail. As long as the term "mortality" is within the context of "immortality", death is an inevitable turn that we must comprehend and partake in order for us to truely grasp eternal life. As much as this resolution saddens me, it is nothing but true. Mortality is defined as the condition of being susceptible to death and the undoing of your very being, while immortality... is truely defined as the ability to transcend death.

It is from such a conclusion, that we realise that magical arts of druidism, shamanism and the interpretation of the holy light is nothing, but naught upon this quest. Such arts are able to preserve life prior to one meeting his demise, but upon the precipice of death, can such beliefs and practises halt the rock of mortality to merely fall and shatter? Of course, we do realise the most esteemed divine gifts of such sacred magic which allows the practioner to restore the soul of a fallen victim to it's pallor corpse, for much have I witnessed such an extroadinary event when my medical abilities were hindered useless against death's everlasting gaze. But subsequent to such magic and faith, does it prevent the fate of that particular victim to not intertwine with his demise ever again? Most unfortunately, it does not. We do not deny the abundant, divine healing powers of such revered faiths, not to mention its unique ability to deny death its preys, even if only for a while. But can such arts grasp immortality? It can not.

For such reasons, we must consult with other methods, methods which are not biased only towards the segment of life upon our world, but methods which deal with the adverse segment; death.

Immortality is the unity and combustion of both life and death. One must be able to apprehend and assimilate both of those vicinities to indubitably be able to achieve eternal existance. An ingenuity which combines both life and death must be revealed and embraced for our aim to succeed. But upon human civilization today, denizens fear to have anything connected with such a horrid concept as death, and doing such is socially frowned upon. At most times, such dread and denouncement is for a valid reason, but one must perform sacrifices and undertake any challenge for the greater good.

Cast away your terror and doubt, do not let such a thing restraint your brilliance and sagacity. Conquer your fears and cast away such social enigmas which intend to shackle you, so you would be able to spread your wings and take flight, and the very impossible shall be fathomed by you!

As a child, I have always had a phobic persona towards spiders. Upon the age of eighteen, I confronted such a disgusting creature and laid it to rest. Now, I am fascinated by the incredible traits of such a small being and their ability to conjure such things that not even we, as humans, are able to - if - we remain ignorant to such knowledge present amidst us. And rest assured, my Gentlemen and Ladies, you too shall be fascinated by the knowledge and power of what you deemed as your fears or what you thought to be morally intangible, should you be able to let nothing impede you from siezing it.

Now I must retire to my research and thoughts, to discover what exactly can provide our journey the force of which will lead us to our revelation. And I do hope, that you shall heed my words of conquering your fears of the unknown. Why is it that what we do not know, is always dreaded? Is it because it is wicked? Or merely because we do - not - understand it?

Truth can be found in stating that patience is a virtue, for I can not wait to return to my most beloved readers with what I have discovered... and understood.

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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Journal of a Mad Scientist - Page 1
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