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 [Shard Plot revealed]

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PostSubject: [Shard Plot revealed]   Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:51 pm

Darkness stood still as time itself played no role in the situation that unfurled before the eyes of the peasant. The spiralling shards surrounded the hooded man and remained hovering about off the ground in a rough and jagged circle around him, each emitting a separate colour and humming. The sky was perfectly black and starless as the hooded figures began to gather and witness the summoning ritual. Eleven jagged shards remained in the air on the grassy plain, each different in shape yet perfect at the same time. The shimmering and pulsating lights suddenly stopped moving as something sinister crept into the centre of the plain, a creature wanting to break out. Lightning struck the robed and hooded figure in the middle, again and again. The shards pulsated and throbbed with, life? Slowly and very carefully the shards began to revolve around the caster, the lightning strikes had stopped but the shards continued to move. Darkness seeped forward from the shards and onto the caster, enveloping him, surrounding him.

The shards glowed for a minute, two minutes, three minutes, and then the lights dimmed. They fell to the ground one by one in a strange tapping rhythm. It was as if all light had faded from the world and the only thing that now existed was the faint red glow that emitted from the centre of the plain. A portal had appeared, an unknown destination beckoned. Pieces of dust remained in the air, the collision of energies had created a portal that had warped the landscape in the area turning it to a dark landscape. The portal remained opened for open for one moment, and suddenly it disappeared. The figure lay dead on the floor, emotionless, soul-less. Above him stood a masked creature, smoke erupted from around him and the powerful stench of necromantic magic infused with nether and fel magic stank around him. The creature did not speak nor breathe, motionless and almost invisible in the darkness the crackling nether energy flowed around him.

A face of sheer darkness stood atop the broad shouldered body, it had no voice and it had no heart, but it had a purpose.


The event created in the past by Crojwin regarding the collection of the shards has been taken for the use of another project. The shards united held a demon, united they have released it. Stay tuned.
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[Shard Plot revealed]
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