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 Knights of the Lingering Shadow - Origins and Information

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PostSubject: Knights of the Lingering Shadow - Origins and Information   Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:20 pm


"From the ashes of Lordaeron to the Frozen Wastes, we have lingered on..
Emerging from the sacred halls of the Nazahnen, we shall ride forth to remind those who believe that his shadow has been lifted, that death yet looms upon their realm. Gaze upon the horizon my brethren, for the Black Dawn approaches...  And as chaos will ride, it is we who shall sieze the reins in his name to unleash his judgement upon those whom dare to stand defiantly against his will!

We stand in a world swarmed by defectious lesser beings, mere insects whom are bound by virtues, laws, beliefs and faiths; segments of their own imagination which they blindly cling to, desperately ceasing to come at grips with the reality which reveals the inevitable  certainty which awaits them. They induldge in mis-conceptions and illusions, unable to transcend their fragile mortal shells and thus fall victim to the frailty of their ideologies and hopes. Thus, for their flawed perception, their arrogance, their insolence and sacrilege... they will descend away into nothingness, never to grasp divinity, never to ascend into gods which condemn futile beings such as themselves.

We, his dark guardians, his descendants, his disciples, his unrelenting crusaders of the damned.. shall remind those whom wish to deny his judgement, that there is only ONE virtue, ONE law, ONE belief and faith; eternal servitude to the Dark Lord! And by this certainity, follows his invictus, unwavering judgement; Undeath.

Rest assured my brethren, the mortal realm shall be plunged into a new era; where blood shall pave the grounds, and the demeanors of anguish and torment shall sweep through the lands to reforge the world in his image! To create a bastion of darkness where death and decay shall veil every corner, and deliver any who dare to oppose the Dark Order into oblivion!

We are the ashes of the fallen, the relentless force of darkness which has once swept through countless lands and stroke terror into the hearts of those whom dared to stand against the might of Scourge! And yet, through their hollowed victories, the mortals naively believe that his reign has come to an end. That he no longer exists! But within the silence... the unfathomable... the shroud which envelopes this world... a shadow flickers... a shadow lingers... a remnant of the past which yet persists and strives.. It is by this shadow, that the fate of all mortals has been sealed... It is by this shadow, that the hands of death shall reach out and claim this world for its own... And it is by this shadow, that the world shall bow down and kneel before the Scourge yet again!

For we, the children of the damned, the Knights of the Lingering Shadow, shall deliver the Dark Lord's judgement, the Lingering Shadow's judgement, upon this world. Acceptance or not, his wrath shall be met, and his will shall be done. There is no choice, no free-will nor leanancy! For upon this eternity, or the next... all -will- kneel before the one, true, king!"
- Althalos Rowan.


- Based on Arthas's Scourge, the Knights of the Lingering Shadow is the military sector of AotD. Generally, AotD was given birth in Lordaeron due to the Plaguelands being the last resistance left from the original Scourge led by Arthas, basically the undeads who remained loyal to their dead master, and pious to his ideals and will. And from that resistance, AotD was formed, a lesser faction of undeads among the few with the sole purpose to continue their servitude to the Lich King (Arthas) and the Scourge, and reforge the great dark empire into what it once was (of course we know that OOCly it is impossible, but that is our IC goal anyway^^).

- And from that, a regime of Death Knights were formed, Death Knights whom are either second generation DKs of Lordaeron or Ebon Knights who have realised that it is only through the servitude of the Dark Lord that their purpose is fulfilled! Based upon multiple story lines and RP twists, AotD was led to Northrend, where it was intended to forge a elite brotherhood of DKs, based on the teachings and discipline of second generations DKs with the sole purpose of serving the true Lich King's will, and unleashing the judgement of the Damned upon any whom dare to oppose them!

- And so, from the frozen fields of Zul'Drak, within the halls of the Nazahnen - The Shadow Hold (a necropolis - fan lore since this necropolis in question is fan-made to create a nice background story), the Knights of the Lingering Shadow were formed; in which the Lingering Shadow is Arthas, whom these Scourge Death Knights believe that his presence and shadow yet looms upon Azeroth. Their sole purpose is to unquestionally and doubtlessly serve their Dark Master and the Dark Order that he has created. They are the unrelenting crusaders of the damned, the elite knights whom will charge forth to fulfill the will of their Dark Lord; Terror, domination, apocalypse.

- They represent the shadows of the past, the ashen riders whom are thought to be vanquished but yet exist to unleash death and decay upon those whom dare to stand defiantly against their Dark Lord.

- Thus, they are based upon the discipline, obediance, loyalty and piousness(to the Lich King Razz) of the second generation Death Knights, those whom remained faithful to their King from the second they were risen from the ashes of Lordaeron to this very moment! And so, they're IC leader, along with his lieutenants, are second generation Death Knights, fallen men of Lordaeron.

"This Kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order that will shake the very foundation of the world." - Arthas.


"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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Knights of the Lingering Shadow - Origins and Information
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