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 Information about Diccusion sub-forum

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Deathlord Zalon

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PostSubject: Information about Diccusion sub-forum   Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:02 pm

What is this? - This is the Sub-forums where we store all our questions regarding World of warcraft in general, mainly Lore of course.

How do I post a question? - you can simply post a question in a new post where you want people to talk about your question, so that we all can come to an conclusion together! and latter use it in RP, for if more agrees it can be more used.

Why do we need this? - Atleast Alth and I have been talking about all kind of things, and we simply coulden't come to an conclusion, so this Sub-forum will help us, and any of you that have questions regarding things to fully understand them.

Why here, and not in Game Related? - Because here people who doesn't have an account to our forum can see open debate about verius of things.

So don't be shy, simply ask your question that you want us all to talk about, and we'll sorte it out!
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Information about Diccusion sub-forum
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