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 Cult of the Damned Task Board

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Deathlord Zalon

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PostSubject: Cult of the Damned Task Board   Sat Dec 03, 2011 6:07 pm

(These tasks might look weak, but remember it is all up to you how you make your random RP with these guidelines as help, so make the best of it! More tasks will appear as time passes and you finnish a task.)

1. Gathering corpses - Gather the corpse of the fallen in the war that have been waging between the Alliances and Horde. The minions will serve you if you accept this.
(Thomsin and a cultist gathered 28 fresh corpses from a nearby graveyard as well as harvested 8 souls - There are still more to be gathered!)

2. Gather materials - The Plaguelands hold the necessary ingredients to creaet a massive amount of plague. Gather the following:
- Fungal Mushrooms
- Grub.

3.Scout the area frequently - take with you several minions and scout Western Plaguelands, slaughter any patrol you find of either the Alliance, Horde or the Argent Crusade.

4.Gather intelligence - infiltrate the Alliance and Argent Crusade to find out more about their plans.

5. Sabotage - sabotage our enemies whenever you can. We need to halt their advances in the Plaguelands.

6.Cult training - gather your fellow brothers and sisters and practice your dark art upon our subjects.

7. Re-construction - gather the necessary building materials with our minions to reconstruct our island foetress. What is needed:
- Stone for the walls: Gather 50 solid stones to fully repair the walls.
- Wood and stone for the keep: Gather 30 stone and 40 wood planks and the reconstruction of the keep shall commens.
- Wood and stone to reconstruct the buildings: Gather 10 stones and 30 wood planks and the building reconstrcutions shall commens.
- Wood and stone to construct a new bridge leading over the river that exist to the south of Western plaguelands: 100 woods and 50 stones are needed!

Contact the Lich once you have succeeded in one of these tasks.

8. Industry of war - Gather ore to forge weapons and armor for our minions: What is needed:
- Iron ore - Gather iron ore so we can upgrade our skeletons to warrior skeletons.
- Wood and iron ore - Gather wood so we can make bows for our skeleton archers and iron to make our iron arrows.

9. Plague the farms - The foolish humans have yet again try to create farms upon the Plaguelands. Show them their folly and plague their farms to render them useless!

10. Ambush the supply caravans of Alliance, Horde and Argent Crusader.

11. Training - Contact the Flesh-worker to dwell deeper into the art of creating abominations!

Always report to the Lich with a detailed report of your task once it is completed.  
Post your report here, in detail.
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Cult of the Damned Task Board
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