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 Information about Task Boards

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Deathlord Zalon

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PostSubject: Information about Task Boards   Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:50 pm

This is an OOC information post and guidelines that would be good if you can follow.

1. To accept a task, either post in the task post, that you accept the name of the task, or tell it to me or any other officer, or write an letter if I'm not online.

2. To post your own task, simply write it in the Task board, and I'll moderate it so it will be shown on the top, so everyone can see your task.

3. As you accept a task you should generally take at least one more person with you, its not too fun doing it all alone now is it?

4. Try to consider where you are, and by that you need to consider that enemies might catch you. lets take an example -
"As a cult member you try to re-plague a farm close to the Argent Crsuade - You should then consider there might be a patrol of them passing by and spot you, and then you'll have to fight them, or run away from them, its all up to you"
And then one of you take the role of the Argent crusaders, by useing /RW, just as we do on our Guild Events.

5. Try to take your time, its not too fun to finish an random RP under 30 minutes, try to take at least 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much time you have of course, for as long it last, the more fun you'll have.

6. if you know anyone, from other guilds you know can play as an NPC, then invite the person! This is not guild base either, anyone can join in on the fun, for its always more fun to have another player playing your enemy.

7. You'll always report to Either Me or Althalos, or any other officer in your section, I will mark the task as done ones I have goten an -Detailed- report about what happen. Why a detailed report? You may ask, Its because we'll post it later in the "Guild branch division" forum to easier keep check on everything, and for new people interested in our guild to see what we are up to, naturally such information is for OOC value, we don't want to give out free information to our enemies.

This should be everything, if you do have any further questions, or something is hard to understand, please do write in this post, or simply write to me in-game. This post has been grammar and spell checked, - Eph

Thanks for reading! and take a task now!
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Information about Task Boards
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