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 Knowledge and discovery.

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PostSubject: Knowledge and discovery.   Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:16 pm

A millennium has passed inside the shapeless world that Vartus had engaged in. Yet only a day in the real realm.

The dome had kept him occupied, his imagination running freely as he created, and recreated worlds, titans, gods, demons, orcs, humans, diverse races none have ever seen. Constructing and destroying, playing, molding. To him the amount of time passed was nothing, he lost track.
Sleep? Food? Drinking? All thoughts of nourishment escaped as he began to feed on magic. The Nether, endless and infinite kept him on track, always aware, always powerful, capable. His mind never wandered, staying together through the many years of training under strict conditions in Scholomance allowed him to concentrate, to remain sane.

When he first came here, everything was out in front of him. A sky, a sea, and land. He even took the form of a human, an insect to what he was now. Walking among the denizens of the world he had shaped, and he had created, a peculiar feeling consumed him. This feeling of knowledge, eternity,power. Bending the universe to his will seemed essential, after a life of servitude, he wished to express his agony, his loss, fear, terror, in a way that he never could. Serving the Lich King was appeasing, but this was fulfilling.

He watched as the Dark Portal opened, the almighty Titan Sargeras punishing Medivh, using Ner'zhul.

Was this true power? It was something beyond his understanding, how creatures such as Sargeras existed. Surely, if the Nether produced infinite sized demons and planets, then Sargeras was merely, a thought and a combination of emotions. What if he himself, could achieve this? What would he have to do.

Questions, questions. He reversed what had happened at the Dark Portal a dozen time, bringing volcanoes, earthquakes and even living creatures to stop what had happened. But it seemed not to appease him, catastrophe still occurred and the world was plunged into chaos, all orchestrated by the Legion. To what purpose was this given? What purpose did this all serve. Wandering a thousand miles beneath the ocean surface he observed the life that was always around him, but he had never had seen. Even at the bottom of that which split Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, life blossomed. Minuscule sea creatures grazed off the sea floor while enormous underwater giants floated gracefully through the water, unhindered.

Vartus watched in awe, and followed in pursuit. The meaning of your creation dawned on him was he watched the creature slowly turn in the depth and continue along its way, its long fins gliding it through the murky water, peaceful, calm and tranquil.


He had found peace within the ocean, constantly watching creatures of abnormal size move around, feed, and care for the young which they produced. He had watched and actually learnt. If he ever escaped, his purpose would be to create and guide. Silence descended in the water as he had stopped the time of his little, but large world. Thinking, thinking. How much time passed? He felt as if a decade had drifted by while he remained motionless, thinking. His eyes remained closed. He remained still.

Silence, silence.

Suddenly, the water rushed away from him, disappearing as he stood again in the void-less emptiness of the Nether. His emotions had erupted from deep within his soul and broke his concentration, his concentration was all that had held that image of reality he had created. A nauseous feeling ran over him, making him feel empty, scared, alone. A thousand years? A thousand years and he had learnt nothing. The dome remained sealed, the fiery behemoths unmoved, his keepers, alert and intact, waiting for him. Memories, thoughts, images. His mind extended in ways he could not imagine. Then as if without thinking it he opened his eyes and saw a map, a layout. All his thoughts, cravings, emotions, urges, fears, laid out neatly in circles and squares before him, throbbing and pulsating in various colors. Sliding his mortal figure through them, moving them, using them, absorbing them. This man, this Lich, this being felt ever so confused.

His vocal cords connected and he let out a painful scream, full of the struggles and emotions of his life.
He needed a purpose, a purpose to continue. Otherwise he along with the knowledge he gained and the knowledge he was capable of giving, would be locked inside an endless stream of this raw magic. Pulsating around the tiny outline of this creature were dozens if not hundreds of shadowy shards, moving , swirling, endlessly rotating to the whim of his thoughts. Creating and destroying.

Creation.. and.. destruction.

Surely, more than that existed, more factors into the equation of life. He needed to figure them out and use them, a purpose was revealed.
Azeroth would feel his rebirth, but not as an enemy or a friend, merely an observer. An observer. An observer..
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PostSubject: Re: Knowledge and discovery.   Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:35 pm

liked it! this bring more details about this char and what happening to him. even after he's depart, he still exist and evolve into something different. will waiting for more!

he seems to exanding himself beyond human immagination and beyond hes own understanding!
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Knowledge and discovery.
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