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 The Fighting of Rose. (WiP)

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PostSubject: The Fighting of Rose. (WiP)   Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:19 pm

"You did what?" Rose yelled out in disbelief. "You failed the test of strenght? Only by walking into the wrong building?". Dyone was forced by Rose, to tell her everything what has happenend, the last few years."Im so sorry." Dyone mumbled. "But it wasn't my fault, the direction's wheren't clear enough." Rose lifted Dyone's arm, and before Dyone could prevent it. Rose punched Dyone in the face. "You failed." Rose said, "There is no excuse for that." Dyone looked down to her shoes. She couldn't do more then agreeing with Rose. Rose sighted: "And now? The future of all of this?" Dyone sighted aswell, she had already explained this. "Now we need to undergo our punhisments." "Ow yeah, right." Rose said: "And when is this punhisment?" Dyone looked on her timewatcher, and smiled while she said,"That punishment? That has started two hours ago." Rose yelled out in disbelief "You stupid weakling, and you couldn't say that sooner?" Rose punched Dyone again, this time in the stumach, and they rushed to the balcony.

It was busy there. Rose saw the feral, and the blue hoove struggling in a hard fight. The other Death Knights, where watching it, and Rose got a idea. "Dyone," she said with a evil smile. "I know a way to end this." And she took controll over Dyone's legs, and walked to the edge. Dyone couldn't stop her, and powerless they walked toward Dyone's doom. "No...please no" Dyone said while the edge came closer. "One small leap." Rose responded. "I said NO" Dyone yelled it out, and suddenly she had the controll back. "Good." Rose mumbled. "It seems you are not all that weak."

Boramus, Dyone's plagueslave came walking towards them.
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The Fighting of Rose. (WiP)
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