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 Boramus Bladerusher - The warrior

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PostSubject: Boramus Bladerusher - The warrior   Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:23 pm

Last update: 4 septembre 2011

Note: This story unfolded near the time Dyone lost her Runeblade as punishment. The story begins when Boramus was sent to get some reagents for Dyone. But what he really finds, is his fate and curse.

Note 2: I gonna use this forum to update my character progress/development.


Boramus Bladerusher

Inner Beast

"And of all things happening, it's going to rain...great!"

Boramus walked through a forest full of pinetrees...trying to find some specific herbs. "Why did the gnome wanted to send me to this forgotten place so far away from the base to get some leaves from these trees. I hate it here...Where is this place?" Boramus saw a sign on the side of the road. HE walked to it and read: "Welcome to Silverpine Forest. Have a nice..." The rest of the letters are unreadible. Like they were...scratched away. Something was here. But what, that is unknown.

Boramus continued to find the leaves. Then he came to a open spot in the forest. The rain stopped, the clouds slowy faded away and Boramus saw it: Silverneedles. Leaves in form of needles from the pinetrees glowing with a silver color...under the half-moon. 'There they are," Boramus said, "the leaves the gnome mentioned." Boramus went to the leaves and started to gather them.

At the edge of the open field, something made some noice. Boramus looked backward, but didn't see anything. He strugged and collected the last leaves. Again he heard something. This time, he turned around again but drawed his weapons. "Who is it! Show yourself!"

At the edge of the open spot something growled. Boramus saw a figure of black...with purple eyes. The figure same slowly in the open place...revealing it's body to the light of the half-moon. "A worgen...maybe one from Gilneas?" Boramus though. But he hadn't the chance to think a lot, because suddenly the worgen charged at him, trying to claw his side. Boramus dodged the attack and said: " least I don't have to consider he is feral..." Boramus drawed his weapon, imbued with plague energy from Dyone. He hurled his weapon to the beast, but the beast was able to avoid the blade's deadly point and Boramus saw his weapon became stuck at a tree's husk.

The worgen immediately responded with another attack. Boramus drawed his other blade of normal steel, but the worgen was quicker. It grabbed the blade with his jaws, ripped it out of Boramus's hand and shattered the blade with his jaws. As it was a wooden toothpick. Boramus became anxious, trying to get his plague blade. But the feral worgen was quick, rushed to Boramus on four legs and with one mighty swing with it's paw, itammed Boramus on his back on the ground.

Boramus tried to crawl up but the worgen pinned him down and...the worgen bite Boramus in his right arm which wasn't protected by armor. Boramus screamed in agony but was also surprised the worgen didn't rip his limb off. In all his strength he had, Boramus charged his left hand and slammed into the underbelly of the worgen. The worgen was slammed and dropped on the ground, feeling slighty dizzy. Boramus took his chance and grabbed his plague weapon. The worgen became normal and one more charged at Boramus and again grabbed the blade with it's jaws.

Again it shattered the blade after some hard bites but the worgen howled in agony when it broke. After it, it ran away. Boramus finally stood up, checking his wound. "It's just a bite. Could be worse." he said with a cough. Then he checked the tree where his plague weapon was stuck in. "It appears, the plague did his job at the tree. He heard another howl of agony, thinking that the plague which came free of his broken blade infected the worgen. Boramus checked his weapons. "Althought it was very strong steel...that worgen had immense power seeing it could broke my weapons. Boramus felt a sting from the bitewound. Boramus grabbed the rest of his gear and moved out of the open place, leaving his broken weapons behind.

"Ya got a nice biting matey!" A dwarf answered when Boramus came to a small inn an hour later. Boramus ignored him and walked to the innkeeper for some bandage. He bandaged his right arm and then sit at an table. He checked at the rest of the people in the inn. Next to the dwarf and innkeeper was an old lady, talking in herself about how beautiful she was, an gnome trying to invent some goggles to see through lady's clothes, and a male human with multiple old wounds on his face was sitting in a corner.

Boramus didn't pay attention to everyone. He only heard the gnome speaking about some lighting-infused malacite for his goggles. Boramus got some water from the innkeeper to get relaxed. But suddenly the male human stood up and walked to Boramus. Boramus ignored him untilled the male slammed a dagger on the table in front of Boramus. "You sir are not from here...and outsiders must pay me money. Give me some now!" "Leave him alone Ryan." the innkeeper said to the male. "Can't you see he had a some sort of fight?"

"Back off, Nate!" Ryan yelled to the innkeeper. Then Ryan looked again to Boramus. " give me your money, or you got some troubles." Boramus called: "I am drinking now, just move away" non-chalant. Ryan, angred, slammed the water out of Boramus's hand. "I asked you nicely, but now I have to use some force! Tyler!" he yelled. "Not that brutey again!" the dwarf said.

From upstairs, some quick but heavy footstepps came downward. Boramus saw a big, not-light-weight-build man came down clothed in old ragged clothings. Before Boramus even could respond to the monstority, he was being grabbed by Tyler, lifted up and thrown out of the inn. Tyler and Ryan came outside. The dwarf, innkeeper and the gnome stood looking from the door. "This everytime happens when Ryan don't get what he wants...and the stranger is always the losing one." the innkeeper murmled looking to a small graveyard next to his inn.

Boramus tried to get up, but Tyler grabbed him and pulled him up and made sure that Boramus couldn't move. Ryan moved to Boramus. "Well then...then I will look for some valuable things." Ryan checked the bags of Boramus but he only find the Silverneedles Boramus collected earlier. "What is this junk! You are some sort of tree hugger? You just a bloke one with no valuables?" Ryan said. Ryan moved to Boramus and smalled his fist into the face of Boramus. Boramus puked some blood to the ground and coughed. "Those...are for a 'friend' of me..." Boramus said.

"Silence!" Ryan yelled and let Tyler lower Boramus and pinning him down. "Well...I got a reputation to hold high so..." Ryan pointed to the graveyard. "What is your name so I can make a gravestone for you from some junk!" Ryan laughed. Boramus, unable to move his legs and arms was able to look to the sky. To see...the half-moon. To see...two faces, of one thing. Two one object. Two one body.

"Well!" Ryan yelled in the face of Boramus. "What is your name!" Boramus looked to Ryan...and smiled. "What is so funny, human? You are pinned down, you are ARE weak!" Ryan said.
"No..." Boramus said. "Norm?" Ryan asked. That is your name? What a stupid name for a human." Ryan said. "No..." Boramus said. Ryan looked to Tyler and then to Boramus. "No what? Speak stupid human!" Ryan said.


Boramus found unfamiliar strength in himself. So much power that he moved under the grip of Tylor and flinged Tyler to Ryan. Tyler fell on Ryan with a big smack. "Get off me you big fatty and get him!" Ryan screamed. Ryan and Tyler stood up but witness then something...something they never saw before. They saw Boramus growling. They saw his hands turning to claws. They saw his arms getting protected by a thick fur. They saw his face changing...they saw his eyes change...purple.

Boramus was unleash...his...inner beast. With a small bang which Ryan, Tyler and the spectators got a bit blown away, Boramus changed into...a worgen. Boramus checked Tyler and Ryan and roared furious to them. The beasts within 500 yards of Boramus frightened in fear and ran away. Anything near then was in horror "!" And Tyler ran away.

Ryan checked to Tyler "His first words in twenty-five years..." Ryan said in fear and faced Boramus. Ryan wanted to fun also away but Boramus grabbed him with his new claws. " was...just...a joke. Yes! A joke to rob and kill you!. Funny he!" Ryan smiled. Boramus on the other hand, didn't smile. "You will pay for what you done to me! he yelled to Ryan. Then, with one mighty swing, he swung Ryan to a tree. Ryan slammed with his neck on the tree, breaking his neck.

Boramus saw his lifeless body on the ground. With no word speaking, he grabbed his stuff and Boramus left. The spectators stood there, looking and thinking about what has happened. The old lady came outside. "Was...that my prince on the white horse?" she asked. "No." Nate said. "That is something way worse...something with a lot of strength and power."

"Someone...with an inner beast."

(continuing soon with the Dark Twins!)

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PostSubject: Re: Boramus Bladerusher - The warrior   Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:41 pm

Boramus Bladerusher

The Dark Twins

(Under construction in mine mind)
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PostSubject: Re: Boramus Bladerusher - The warrior   Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:25 pm

If you trow that plagueblade away you will die's one of the side effects ;-)

Unless we free you from your curse...

But that's for Dyone to decide...
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PostSubject: Re: Boramus Bladerusher - The warrior   

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Boramus Bladerusher - The warrior
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