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 The awakening of Rose

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PostSubject: The awakening of Rose    Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:17 pm

"And as a punishment, your runeblade will be taken away." The words still rumbled in Dyone's ears. She looked to her now empty sword holders. Her runeblades where gone, soon she would become weaker. She lied down, trying to make herself comfortable. She listened to Glaciera and Zhuyan, who where both heavinly disaggreeing with the current situation. She wanted to take part of the discussion, but she couldn't. Something nibbled on her minds. She had the feeling she had forgotten something, something important, something that happenend a long time ago. She listened to the two, now when the discusion continued, they talked about sleep, and long forgotten dreams. Dyone laughted in herself. Sleep, something the mortals did, surely she couldn't sleep anymore, any of them. But somehow, she felt drowzy, sleepy even, this strange feeling came upon her, and she accepted it, only to fall away in a mindless state...

Rose looked up. It was cold and dark in her prison. The peephole she normally stared to, to get a glimp of the happenings was dark. She walked arround, doing her usual stuff. Cursing her "host", plotting plans, for when she ever came out. Mumbling and cursing she continued, until something strange happenend to her prison. Her little peephole, who usual was a small hole, appaered again. But this time bigger. It didn't stop with that, and the hole grew bigger and bigger. Soon it was big enough for Rose to step trough, curious as she was, she did.

Dyone woke up again, but she realized she didn't wake up there where she fall asleep. Everything arround her was black, everything eccept a small beam of light, piercing into a mirror. Dyone looked at the mirror with a strange look, and walked towards it. When she looked in it, she didn't saw her mirror image. She saw nothing. Suddenly fear struck her heart. Long forgotten memories returned, and she realised she had to get away from this place.

Rose walked trough a long hallway. She knew this hallway, she was send trough her when her "host" decided it was better for her to abandon Rose. Was this, then finally the day? She walked further, and on the end of that hallway, she knew there was a window, waiting for her.

Dyone wanted to turn her head away, turn her body away, run as fast, and far as she could from the mirror. But she couldn't, as frozen she stood there, looking, staring in the mirror. In the far, she saw a shadow coming closer, covered in fear, she knew what was comming to her, and in a ice cold whisper she mumbled:"Rose".

Rose had now reached the window, and when she peered trough it, she smiled with a wickedly sparkle in her eyes. When she looked trough it, she saw a gnome. Female, green haired, and alive. "Dyone." Rose said the word with a deep burned hatred in her voice.

Dyone noticed that her hand moved slowly to the mirror, she tried to pull it back, but it was as the arm didn't listen to her anymore. Slowly but steady the hand came closer to the mirror, and placed itself on it, spreading out the fingers, sharing the warmth of the hand with the mirror.

Rose saw Dyone's hand going to the mirror, she knew what was going on, and Rose quickly laid her hand on the place where Dyone's hand was going to end. Not a second to late, where the two hands now placed on the same place, and with a load crack, the mirror broke, in thousand pieces.

While the mirror pieces fell down, the hands of Dyone and Rose where strengled in a grip. Who neither Rose, or Dyone could break. The mirror pieces falling on their hands, started to swift arround them, and soon, the whole mirror was swifly floating arround their arms in a steady circle. Dyone looked with fear in the mad eyes of Rose. Rose nodded at Dyone, and start rambling numbers. A key combination, Dyone had forgotten a long time ago. But Rose knew them, repeating them every day inside her prison. When Rose was done with the code, all the pieces of the mirror grew bigger covering them both up, like a huge ball of glass. Then the ball shrinked, and formed to the size of a gnome, the shape of a gnome. For a few seconds nothing happenend, and the gnome of glass just stood there. Then, suddenly, all the glass pieces where blasted trough everywhere, and a gnome was vissible.

Rose looked arround, she looked at her fingers, and moved them. She looked at her feet and she used them. It had worked. She was finally free. She putted a step forward, on her way to the light bright place, she saw further on, and she stepped trough it.

Dyone woke up. Wich was strange, because she didn't slept. She looked arround, and saw Glaciera, and Zhuyan still talking, while she stood up slowly, she heard a feint whisper in her head. "Good morning sunshine" she heard. "Your true inner self has awakend... and she is expecting to have a good time". Dyone looked in front of her and realized. Her scourge part. Her Rose part. Her evil part.... has broken free.

(to be continued)
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PostSubject: Re: The awakening of Rose    Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:08 pm

Rosie...when will you come to us more?Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The awakening of Rose    Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:59 am

like it! do want the 2nd part Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: The awakening of Rose    

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The awakening of Rose
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