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 Combat Roll System.

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PostSubject: Combat Roll System.   Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:10 am

Greetings everyone.
As I could see at the last event, some people didnt know about the combat roll system,so I decided to give a hand and write a guide about it pirat .

Before I explain the actual roll system, you should know the basics of RP combat:
1.) When you start a battle with someone, your actions should always be typed under the /emote command. Example: "/emote attempts to throw a rock at the deer."
2.) You should ALWAYS and ALWAYS use the sentence "Attempt" in combat. Two players are fighting, and someone emotes "X hits Y with a axe". In this situation, X doesnt give Y the possibility to defend, which is unfair and considered god-emoting! This is why we use the attempt sentence while battling.
3.) Your actions are conditioned by your current state!: When you are fighting and someone casts a spell on you, making you frozen to the ground, you should have in mind that you are frozen, and your combat abilities such as agility are debilitated! So, before attempting to run, jump or doing anything that ignores your state, the first thing to do is release yourself!
4.) While fighting, it is wise to say what part of the body are you attempting to hit! This saves alot of chat like asking what part should he be hit etc.

The Roll System
So, you now know the basics and you will now learn the Combat Roll System. This system basically decides if the player is hit or parries the attack through the /roll system implemented by Blizzard.

First things first. When you arrange a opponent you should create a party, so you can discuss eventual actions and related issues about the fight.
1. Deciding the Battle length: Before starting the battle, both players should decide how many hits they should take to determine their forfeit. For instance, X and Y agree to battle with a 5 hit limit. X player already taken 4 hits and, if he cannot dodge or parry the next attack, he will stay with 5 hits and will loose the battle. Under normal circumstances, players should have the same "hitpoints" but this can change by factors such as if one of the players is recently injured, but, the sorting shouldnt make the battle unfair! For instance, a player has two fights in a row. If he gets wounded or debilitated for the second fight, the points should be sorted between the two parts, like the injured having 5 hit points and the fresh opponent 7!
2. Turns: Each player has his turn, and players cannot have more than 1 turn at a time.
3. Battle!: So, you arranged someone to beat and decided how many hits should both take. It is time to fight!

"Player X attempts to hit Y with his axe, aiming for his head."
-Player X rolls 25
-Player Y rolls 35

This example is pretty straight forward. A players attempts to strike and rolls first. The defender rolls after the attacker, and the higher roll wins. In this situation, the Player Y successfully defended, and this is now it is his turn!:

"Player Y dodges the hit, using his agility as an advantage, leaping behind X. He retaliates, attempting to thrust her blade through X player shoulder."
-Player Y rolls 60
-Player X rolls 50

In this situation the Player X was unable to defend the attack, therefore he gets hit. As we learned, the player X now has to keep in mind that he has a blade stuck on his shoulder! He can keep on fighting with the blade, or attempt to escape to prevent further damage in that area!

Lets now look at other examples. The players X and Y are battling, and Y freezes X in place. For his sake, X should first release himself from the freeze, or he will be debilitated!

"Player X attempts to release from the Ice calling uppon a rain of fire."
-Player X rolls 70
-Player Y rolls 71

In this case Player X failed to release himself from the spell, and it is still frozen in place! When battling with any sort of summoned creature, you should roll aswell, and the opponent will roll for the minion!

"Player X attempts to decapitate Player Y Ghoul."
-Player X rolls 100
-Player Y rolls 42

This time, player X was successful and defeated Player Y minion.

There are other examples to be added, and this guide will be updated as more things come to my mind. I made this not only to our guild but to every Roleplayer that passes by our forum.
Oh! And if there's something wrong, please help me, specially concerning spelling, my English is kinda rusty these days Suspect

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roll System.   Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:59 am

One thing, the examples are really extreme. As in, fights don't start with you trying to chop somebodies head off, but say take their shoulder piece off, or disarm them.

Otherwise pretty solid and straight forward, will sticky.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roll System.   Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:34 pm

What you also forget, that on the start of our fights, we attempt yes...but as soon as we get further, attempting get replaced, with pure fighting, epic scenes, and smart moves. ;-)

Further good guide, am happy someone put out the effort to share the info.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roll System.   

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Combat Roll System.
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