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 Athrun - Fall of a Soldier

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PostSubject: Athrun - Fall of a Soldier   Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:03 pm

((Just something quick I put together to show how he became a servant of Arthas Smile ))

It began as any normal day did. The air fresh and crisp, the salt from the distant lake clearly engaged with the morning wind. Despite the issues through Lordaeron and the countless stories flowing from tavern to tavern of how this Undead army was moving closer to home, the morning routine of Capital City did not just. The people just as happy to go on with their lives despite the horrors occurring outside.

As a city guard Athrun had witnessed many strange things but non as odd as watching the people go about their normal morning cycles, not caring that their Prince had been missing with the Lordaeron fleet for over a month, not caring of the masses of Undead running wild throughout the Northern lands. Hearthglen, Stratholme, Caer Darrow, all gone. It’s resident becoming nothing more than mindless creatures of the night.

And yet still they went on. Laughter. Smiles. Peace.

Gate duty would have been like any other day; watching the carts and people go by, pulling over strange looking beggar and supply trains, arresting drunken priests who would rather preach sorrow than the Light. But not today.

Leaning against the gate, his sword and shield resting against the worn brown brick work, he took a quick sip of water while watching a crowd of traders move off. Severn hours and nothing interesting had happened. He had joined the military to serve, to travel and to have some excitement. His family had owned a small tailoring shop within the capital for years – but the life promised nothing.

Against his fathers wishes he had enlisted at the age of 18 with his mind filled with promises and dreams of fighting the Orcs, riding with Knights, a life of service and honor. But that wasn’t to be. No sooner had he signed up the remaining scattered Orc clans, such as Blackrock, were nothing but shadows of their former glory.

No, he had enlisted and, in is two years of service, had done nothing more than guard gates such as these and break up bar fights.

When the news of the Undead had started to reach the rank and file, when news had hit that Prince Arthas was mounting a counter-attack, he had cheered with sheet delight and was one of the first to sign up.

But, despite the call for volunteers to defend Lordaeron, his unit had been passed up. So here he remained, protecting an old gate from nothing more than the sunshine.

Athrun’s thoughts were quickly interrupted when cheering erupted from outside followed quickly by the sound of riding horses. He looked up from his post dropping the water and grabbing his weapons – the sight that followed shocked him.

Prince Arthas with two other soldiers rode past with little more than a glance at the people. Heading right for the Kings palace and commons chambers. The people swarmed the gates and Athrun didn’t even bother to keep order. They were excited – perhaps the Undead threat had been removed?

Other guards quickly left their posts and followed the crowds to the commons chambers. Looking around he also followed, keen to hear the news of the Princes’s victory.

It looked like all of Capital City had left their shops, posts and daily lives and gathered around the viewing platforms and commons grounds awaiting word. As Athrun pushed his way through the growing number of people the cheers suddenly died down near the front to be replaced by screams of pure horror.

“Move aside!” He yelled over the noise – perhaps someone had been trampled on by the growing number of people.

Before he could react, creatures of flesh and bone, of horror and shadow burst through the people, knocking them aside, rending flesh from bone. Already the crowds turned into a fleeing stampede, their celebrations turned into a nightmare.

Athrun pulled his shield in a guard stance and quickly deflected a blow from one of the ghouls, the sheer strength of the Undead minion surprised him as the shield buckled from the blow. Athrun followed up with a slash to the creatures arm, severing the limb from the rotten bone.

The situation around him was that of pure chaos; civilians running, people dieing, the guard units trying to hold back the tides of Undead ever growing from the bodies of those already fallen.

“Fall back!”

“The Prince has betrayed us!

“Defend yourselves! For Lordaeron!”

“Athrun!” He heard someone call. Turning quickly he sighted four guards forming a defense wedge between the civilians running and the Undead marching. He quickly ran through the chaos to them, trying to avoid running on the corpses littering the ground. As he reached them he looked up, as did the others, as explosions rocked from within the city. Yellow and black smoke creating a glowing effect up to the heavens.

“The barracks!” One of the guards yelled. “Sweet Light they’ve taken the command centre already..”

“Stand your ground, men!”. One of the others shouted back. “We’ve not won yet, plenty of time to mourn later. Athrun get in formation!”

The group of guardsman formed a protective shield as the ghouls and Undead continued to lay bloody death upon those around them. The fighting continued well into the day, the group protecting those they could and killing those Undead that launched attacks.

But five guardsman could do little to stem the tide of death that continued to march and, before long, five became two.

Athrun and Simon, the last two guardsman from the unit of five, ran through the trade district. Long had the screams died and, so far, they hadn’t found anyone else alive. Hopefully many got out during the initial attack.

“What now, Athrun?” Simon asked, fear clearly showing within his eyes. “I’d say we’ve done our duty... we can use the service entrance and get out of the city.”

“Are you joking?” Athrun shot back. “We’ve a duty to defend these grounds until reinforcements arrive. I’m sure the Silver Hand is already on its way.”

“The Silver Hand? The Prince dissolved the order months ago.”

“Flee if you want but I’m staying.” He nodded and continued forward, his shield and sword had become extensions of his arms by now. The once glowing silver and polished hilt had become the colour of rusted blood.

As they rounded a corner, a group of ghouls looked up from the corpses they were lurking over and moved slowly towards them. Already Athrun and Simon could tell that these ghouls bore the wrecked clothes of Lordaeron merchents. Fresh Undead.

“Halt!” A powerful voice called from behind. Athrun and Simon quickly turned and sighted a tall figure wearing jet black armour. The colour glowed faintly with ice-blue runes embedded on the chest and shoulders, the eyes… the eyes soulless and blue. “Leave them to me.”

As if by sheer force the ghouls returned to their feast. Athrun looked upon the dark knight for a moment before coming to a realisation.

“Captain Falric?”

Simon gasped at the name. Captain Falric had been the right-hand man of Prince Arthas during the campaign against the Undead

“Do you serve your Prince, soldiers?” The echoing voice from Falric spoke.

“Arthas betrayed us!” Simon yelled, aiming his blade at the dark knight. “Look what he’s done to our home! How can you ask that question?”

Before Simon could say anything more one of the ghouls, with a nod from Falric, jumped onto Simon’s back and began tearing at the skull. The man didn’t even have a chance to scream.

“Athrun.” Falric spoke again. “Do you serve your Prince?”

“Serve my prince… ?” Athrun couldn’t take his eyes of the body of Simon, being ruined by the ghouls hungry bites.

“You long for a life of service. Of purpose, soldier.” A second voice said from the shadows. Falric bowed quickly and Athun turned… Arthas, wielding a large blade that glowed ghostly blue, emerged. The Prince’s regal blonde hair had grown white like snow, his face grey/blue rather than the tanned pink. “I sense the conflict within you… you’ve wanted a life of adventure, of honor. Join me, and I shall offer you that and more. Serve your Prince.”

“Serve you? How does any of this benefit Lordaeron?!” He yelled back, watching Falric draw his blade also.

“I will remake Lordaeron, the world, in my image. The new kingdom shall need dark guardians… serve me. You will be my arm of retribution against those that would twist and defile Lordaeron.”

With a nod from Arthas a ghoul walked from behind, the corpse of Athrun’s sister thrown to the ground. “I offer you a choice, soldier of Lordaeron: Join me and you shall command the power to return her to this world.”

“Lisa…” Athrun couldn’t believe it was her. Slashes, cuts, bites clearly showed through the yellow dress. “Return her?” He asked glancing at Arthas.

“Yes. The power you shall command will allow you to bring anyone back from the dead… as a member of the damned.”

Was it better to live a life on the run? Without a family? Or was it better to serve and be given the power to return loved ones.

A battle erupted within his very soul: the part wanted a life of meaning, something more then just guarding gates and breaking up common fights. A new world order, united in death, and him as a guardian… or the part of him that said to flee and regroup to fight the Undead, to return Lordaeron to what is was.

Should I?


Can’t I?


Service in death…

Don’t do it!

Loyalty to my Prince… my king!

No, Athrun!

My King… I swear to you.

Athrun dropped his weapons and knelt on one knee. “I pledge myself to your service, my Prince.”

With a grin Arthas nodded and Falric who lept forwards and stabbed Athrun in the chest. As the crimson blood ran down the blade he gasped, looking up at the cold figures before him as the world grew darker. An echoing voice entering his mind…

“Your will… is not your own.”
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PostSubject: Re: Athrun - Fall of a Soldier   Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:15 pm
That was one hell of a story my friend ;-)
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PostSubject: Re: Athrun - Fall of a Soldier   Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:27 pm

The fall of Lordaeron, good work.
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PostSubject: Re: Athrun - Fall of a Soldier   Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:49 pm

Very very well written Smile Enjoyed reading it alot^^ Well done!

"Boss... you were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... the way it is. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own." - Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 4)
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PostSubject: Re: Athrun - Fall of a Soldier   

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Athrun - Fall of a Soldier
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